The Black Diamond Technologies team is shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Ken Lilley. Ken was killed in a motorbike accident Tuesday 2nd April 2013 while travelling from his holiday home in Kaiteriteri. Ken has been a key part of BDT and all of our lives for so long; his loss has left us grieving terribly. Our hearts go out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan and the rest of Ken’s family.

Ken has been part of the BDT family since 1986, starting his early career as a South Island sales representative. Ken quickly rose to National Sales Manager before being offered a share-holding and directorship. Ken led BDT as Managing Director since 2002.

Ken was well respected across the retail and air conditioning industries for his charismatic approach, business knowledge and marketing expertise. During Ken’s career he successfully marketed and distributed a number of brands, most well-known being Mitsubishi Electric and Black Diamond.

Within BDT, his personal, family approach will be missed greatly by all staff. We have lost a captivating, innovative and creative leader. He was inspiring and always had a smile and a joke for everyone, while leading our company to success after success for decades. He leaves behind a strong organisation that will be a fitting legacy.

Kind Regards,

Ron Woodrow
Chairman & Founder

The Management and Staff
Black Diamond Technologies Ltd

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In lieu of flowers, donations to Te Omanga Hospice would be appreciated and may be left at the service or posted to
PO Box 30-814, Lower Hutt 5040

Funeral Service

A recording of Ken's funeral service held on Tuesday 9 April 2013 can be viewed here


Wallaceville House (Ph. 04 527-7785)
(This is also the 3.00pm venue for fellowship, sharing memories, drinks and fingerfood.)
- They have a total of 15 rooms currently available at 5pm Friday 5th.

Totara Lodge Motor Inn (Ph. 04 524-9066)
- They have a total of 16 rooms currently available at 5pm Friday 5th.

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Statement from the Lilley family

Ken Lilley

Ken was a “larger than life” character who lived life to the full. He was loved by all who knew him.

He was charismatic, generous, and interested in everyone and everything.

He had spent a happy Easter weekend with family and friends (and of course his dog Cash) at the family holiday home in Kaiteriteri before his untimely death.

He will be hugely missed by his family and friends who have gathered together to support each other and remember his life and his enduring spirit.

His tragic parting has left a chasm in the lives of all who knew him especially for Maria, Vanessa and Jordan but for sure he would want to be remembered with love and laughter.

His family wishes to thank all those who have sent expressions of love and condolence.

On behalf of the Lilley family and friends:
Marko & Lise Kljakovic

I am really sorry to read about this. I was a in Wairu-Noel Leeming when I met the Sir Ken from Mitsubushi in 2006/7. He is a Cheerful personality & good listener. Its very very sad news for me spl when I am looking for people who told me once "if you need any help" remember Ken, as once he offered me job. Rip Ken God bless your sole, I wish & pray a bless-full life for your family. RegardsDeepak

My heartfelt sympathy to Maria ,Jorda,Vanessa and the family ..
What an heart felt moving send off for Uncle Ken ,well done to all those involved !
Ken hired me in 1990 and I joined the Saturn five rocket ride the Melco family
The charisma and power of what Ken created was like nothing I had experienced in my life, the word cult comes to mind, and we were unstoppable.
At the height of Melcos word class product releases (Divia TV Revolution) in typical Melco fashion we went wild with the set up and production. Ken called Grant Kilby and me in a room and asked if we knew how much the release was costing … I looked at Grant he looked at me we had no idea... Ken said it was well into six figures … we quietly shit ourselves then assured Ken we were going to write the business in the coming week when the dealers were blown away by the product and the production. Three Quarters thru the week Ken grabbed me in and said we exceeded his expectations in orders and the show was better than anything that had been done before in the appliance industry in NZ... I breathed a sigh of relieve.
This was how we rolled working for Uncle Ken
Ken inspired us, empowered us and showed us what was possible when a talented group of people work as one...
Thank you Ken
No one has come close to you as a inspirational leader
RIP Uncle Ken
Richard TrayerRichard Trayer

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan,
I have just heard the tragic news about Ken through a former colleague.
Ken was indeed a charismatic, vibrant and clever man! I had the pleasure of meeting him through MELCO in 1995 (and ICONZ) until 1998. I now live in Norway so I have not had any recent contact.
Although I have not met you, - I feel for you deeply.
I cannot offer you anything but words:
Allow yourselves the time you need.
Grieving is a process, you don't need to be brave or strong.
Express your grief in your own way and heal at your own pace.

My deepest sympathies go out to you all............

Kylie D Skene-OsliKylie D Skene-Osli

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan I am truely so sorry for your loss. the greater the love the greater the loss. Though I knew Ken in the early 1980's with New Life, he still made a lasting impact. You remain so often in my thoughts thru this very difficult time, all my Love & affection .... Taanya- Dunedin NZTaanya Figure

RIP in peace my good friend we had a great business relationship for many years and both prospered well through that time.
You bought a great much needed dimension through your wisdom and marketing expertise to a very old fashioned appliance institute.
Sorry I was overseas and not to have attended your last big ride mate.
My deepest condolences to your family.
Kindest regards
Eric FaesenkloetEric Faesenkloet

Rest in Peace Ken. You are in good place now. Will always remember your smile and your generosity. Love you!Lilly Jia

So sorry and saddened to hear about Ken's sudden and unexpected passing.
Ken Lilley was a great man and a real visionary for Mitsubishi and BDT.
Ken gave me my very first job after I left university and I will always be thankful to him for that.
He was larger than life and brought such direction and support to the staff.
My thoughts and condolences to the Lilley family during this difficult time.
Julienne Harry (nee Broad)Julienne Harry

Hi, saddened to hear of your loss.
Difficult times and people are thinking of you and Ken.
I wish you strength on the journey ahead.
He has been a good man.
Ken WilliamsKen Williams

I was devastated to hear the news of Ken's accident. I have known Ken for the last 9 years since i have been in New Zealand and know of his passion and love for his family, work and Bulldogs. I would like to pass on my deepest sympathy to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the family and let them know our love and thoughts are with them. I will never forget Ken and feel very privilaged to have known him as a great friend. I will never forget the big beaming smile of pride and excitement the day i met up with him and Jordan to give them their tickets to last years Nrl Grand Final to watch his beloved Bulldogs. They didn't win but that is a day i will never forget.Steve Price


wWORK IPimara Khammanee

Feel no guilt in laughter, he'd know how much you care.
Feel no sorrow in a smile that he is not here to share.
You cannot grieve forever; he would not want you to.
He'd hope that you could carry on the way you always do.
So, talk about the good times and the way you showed you cared,
The days you spent together, all the happiness you shared.
Let memories surround you, a word someone may say
Will suddenly recapture a time, an hour, a day,
That brings him back as clearly as though he were still here,
And fills you with the feeling that he is always near.
For if you keep those moments, you will never be apart
And he will live forever locked safely within your heart.

Old friend you left too soon, with adventures and laughter yet to be had.
Memories fill our hearts, stories will be told, with laughter ringing, you continue to live in our mind's eye.
John & Nathalie HustonJohn & Nathalie Huston

What an amazing page to read... We are Very sad for the team at BDT and your family.
Our thoughts are with you all.. David and jade ClarksonDavid & Jade Clarkson - Clarkson Electrical

You simply do not come across people who have the big personality but relaxed charisma of Ken Lilley. He has always made us feel special, welcomed and has treated us such, that we always looked forward to catching up with him. To Maria, family and the BDT team, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We should all consider ourselves lucky to have shared in his awesome outlook on life. Cherish your memories as will we.Paul & Lynda Sturrock, Nelson

I will forever chastise myself that I did not spend much much more time with my cousin Ken and his beautiful family Maria, Jordan and Vanessa.. I only saw him very rarely over the last 45 years or so. I had a wonderful day fishing with him a few years ago in Wgn which will stay with me forever. What an amazing guy he was. His funeral moved me in ways I never thought possible. The love he obviously had for life and family was shown in the comments spoken that day. He was so loved by all, and thoroughly deserved it! I have learned a lot about how a life should be lived by attending that funeral. It made me reaIise a lot of things about my own life that need to be changed. If I could leave this world with a 10th of the love and respect that Ken had from his family and friends, I would be more than happy. RIP Ken. Catch up with you mate, when the time comes.John Clarke

I had an amazing experience today. I went along in support of a friend and colleague and to pay my respects to her family and her late father, Ken Lilley. I have never met Ken but I can honestly say that attending the celebration of his life has forever altered mine. You get a true sense of the essence of someone when you hear the memories and the legacy they have left for their friends and family and Ken was a spectacular man.

In death he has reached out and touched me and taught, or rather reminded me, about some all important life lessons. Be kind and generous, be adventurous, be loyal, be thankful for your family and put nothing above them, and most of all be loving. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

You can actually be an amazingly happy and successful person and keep your values, your integrity, your family and everyone else that you hold dear to you. You can actually have it all!

It made me realise how jaded I've become. How suspicious, skeptical, judgmental, and closed-hearted. Harsh experiences and bitter disappointments have resulted in a harsh, bitter and disappointed outlook that simply does not serve me or help me to achieve my dreams or better the lives of those I love or anyone for that matter.

So for now I'm going to change the things that I can change immediately and see what it can lead to. I'm going to smile. I just don't do it enough any more and what am I waiting for? A reason to smile?

I'm going to hug people, any one who needs one, IF they will let me, instead of shying away. I'm going to be kind (as kind as possible - sometimes its just not possible - OR is it?!) even to the people that I feel don't deserve it because who am I to be the judge of that and what does kindness cost at the end of the day?

I'm going to smother my friends and family with as much love and affection as I am able to muster and I'm even going to try to find uncreepy ways to love strangers if I can. Yes, I know how that sounds and no that is not what I mean...

I am going to try to be more generous with my time and money and my love so that I can leave the kind of memories and legacy that Ken left for his beautiful family. I want to make my world a better place for all those I share it with, even the ones who are only visiting short-term.

So thank you so very much Lilley family for sharing today with myself and soooo many! That was the most amazing service I have ever attended. I laughed as much as I cried for you all. I learnt so much about the brilliant man who was your loving father and husband and enough about life to know that I won't be exactly the same moving forward but a little bit better. Thank you so much Vanessa for being the reason that I was able to share in this experience today.

While I have a deep sorrow for the monumental loss in your lives I also have a lot of awe for the monumental luck you all had to learn and live and love and laugh together with such an amazing person. I have never left a service feeling so uplifted and full of hope for the future. I hope that I can return the favor some day, in some way!

Sending this with gratitude, respect, awe, sorrow and most of all great love xxxCarrissa Hirst

Ken had as much influence on his surroundings as the moon has on the tide. Larger than life, very tragic it was cut short. If we could live a fraction of his it would be a life fulfilled yet doesn’t lessen the loss. My hart goes out to the Lilley family, Ken’s friends and the thousands that he touched and inspired. A tremendous loss of such a Great Man, rest in peace.Peter Holden

To Maria,Vanessa and Jordan.

My sincerest condolences to you all.

Ken was successful husband,father and buisinessman.
He was one that i admired and good on him living life to the fullest.
All the best to you family
He will be missed by all.
Pierce FamilyGavin Pierce

My brother. I pray you are in heaven now with Dad riding that bike as you always loved.You have left a hole in my heart that can never be closed. Miss you xxxTony Lilley

A lot of great memories of customer conferences trips with Ken
He was a man of great insight and knowledge and someone that I learnt a great deal from over the years..........Thank-you Ken, you will sorely missed
Thoughts and prayers to his family and colleagues at BTD sorry I was unable to join you yesterday but was with you in spiritSteve Penman

It was a terrible shock to learn of Ken's passing. Ken was an inspiration and was greatly admired not only for his business acumen, and leadership but also his relaxed and approachable manner. He will be sorely missed, and we send our condolences to his family and the wider BDT team.Michael and Tracey Ferguson - and the team at Air Con Wellington

Kens sudden death was a shock and a huge loss. Ainsley and I are still stunned at the loss of a friend, and of a person with huge insights into people, relationships, the business and the sporting world. It is so hard to put it into words
We are friends of Ken and Maria, but while we were never very close friends, Ken always made you feel like you were important, always stopped to talk and hear how you were.
This might sound simple, but when you knew the level of busy-ness in his life, business, family and recreational, this was an exceptional trait.

Our thoughts are with Maria and family, and the wider family and friends that are impacted by this sudden event. Ken was bigger than life, and just like a stone landing in a large pond, the ripples of this event will flow across our local community, across NZ and worldwide, just like his friendship and relationships did.Wayne and Ainsley Chapman

These tributes so eloquently pay homage to the special person that Ken Lilley was. The way he touched so many people’s lives, how full and enriched his own life was and now, sadly, how sorely he will be missed by so many. It is difficult to express how I felt when I heard the heart wrenching news about Ken. I was stunned with disbelief. It can’t be true...why him? Then came the tears...for the loss of this special guy, who was a wonderful husband and father, great friend to so many and for his beloved family and the devastation they will be feeling. I personally have not known anyone before who has left behind a sense of loss and grief of this magnitude, or who has earned the love and respect of so many. I had the immense pleasure of working with Ken in his early years at Melco, filled with the challenges, competitiveness, hard work, fun and treasured times we all shared. We travelled together on my first business trip to Japan to visit some Mitsubishi factories and where, when we took some time out to visit Disneyland, he and Tony Allan tricked me into boarding what was supposed to be a sedate train ride around the park, only for me to discover way too late and much to my horror, that it was in fact a roller coaster ride of what felt like mega proportions! He told me at the end of the ride all he could hear was me screaming ‘I’iiiiiiim goooooing tooooo kiiiiiiiiillllllllll yoooooooouu guuuuys’ as we rolled, dipped and twisted our way over that crazy ride. I have watched Ken grow from a fun loving goofy kind of guy, with a heart as big as the moon, into a hugely successful and well respected businessman, revered, charismatic, intelligent, dedicated, larger than life guy....still with a heart as big as the moon!
RIP Ken, I will miss you. Deepest sympathy to Maria, Vanessa & Jordan and to Ron and the BDT family.Kay Smoluch

My deepest sympathy to Ken's family and everyone at BDT. Ken was a very respected person and offered a fantastic contribution to the air conditioning industry in NZ. He will be sadly missed by everyone.Marek Hryckiewicz

It is with great sadness that Mary, Karyn, Simon, Bronwyn and I heard of Ken's accident. Our deepest sympathy goes to you Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and Eileen.
It seems like only yesterday, that Ken poked his head over the back fence in Wattle Drive and asked my advice...he had been offered two sales rep's jobs, one with Lever Bro's and the other with Mitsubishi, he didn't know which one to accept.
My reply was "go with Mitsubishi Ken, they are a much more progressive Company"
We have watched Ken's progress over the years and taken pride in his achievements, not only with his business success but also with his wonderful family.
Ken will be sadly missed by all.
Our love to you Maria and the family.
Ivor and Mary Jones and familyIvor and Mary Jones

Darryl, Kate and Vaughn
We were all shocked and saddened on hearing of Mr Lilley 's(Ken) death. We thought he was such a lovely man and enjoyed his happy demeanour on every occasion that he came to the Airport. Our deepest sympathy to you all as we know the huge amount of respect you had for him.Valet Parking Wellington Airport Management & Staff

It was a pleasure to know and work with Ken. He was an honest and kind gentleman and I was deeply saddened by the news of his accident. I offer my sincere condolances and please know that my thoughts are with his family, friends and collegues.Greg Bradley (Laser Electrical Motueka)

It was an absolute privilege, and always a joy to have worked with Ken. My very heartfelt condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan. May his jovial warmth, contagious enthusiasm and entreprenurial spirit live through you into the future. Best wishes at this very sad time.Katharine Moody

On behalf of Kinetic Recruitment Consultants Wellington, we would like to offer our sincere condolences to the Team at BDT and Ken Lilley's family, on his sudden and unexpected passing.

Kinetic Recruitment has worked with Ken and his Team at BDT throughout the last 3 years and we were shocked and saddened to hear the news late last week.

Ken was a charismatic, inspiring and visionary leader who had a entrepreneurial and empowering management style. More importantly, he had a warm, generous and caring heart and a great sense of humour which made people feel at ease instantly and always listened to, no matter what was happening around them.

His two great loves were his own family and his "other family at BDT" and of course, motorcycling. Ken was a man who was passionate and enthusiastic about business, enjoying the outdoors and those he cared most about in life.

Ken's legacy will live on in the Team at BDT and the positivity he engendered within everyone he met will ripple out into the world for many years to come.

Linda Henderson - Career Services Manager, Kinetic Recruitment Consultants WellingtonLinda Henderson

Thank you for being my friend, my boss, and a great mentor to live up to... I will miss the many times you supported me throughout the melco / bdt days, many touch rugby and netball games we played, the overseas trips, so many great times, we will all miss you so much..Lots of love to Maria, Vanessa, Jordon, Family and everyone at BDT Family xLisa Watson

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordon.

I am just SO SORRY to hear about Ken and his passing on. I have very fond memories of him and you Maria, and aware of his generosity especially to Janet Thinking of you all today.Anne Morrow

To Kens family and staff @ BDT
So sorry to hear that Ken has passed. I did not know him well but had enjoyed his company on several occasions and had listened to him speak at conferences.
A man of my own age, it reminds us that we cannot take life for granted, and should make the most of life while we are here. I cannot attend the service today, but will be thinking of Ken, his family, and friends, at this time. My sincere condolances. MikeMike Ford Chillex maintenance Ltd

I would like to express my deep sympathy and that of Temperzone to Ken's family, at this challenging time of his passing. I met Ken through the Heat Pumps Suppliers Association which he was instrumental in setting up. He was clearly a natural leader as well as a mover and shaker. Like everyone else we were deeply shocked at his untimely passing and although he was a business competitor he certainly contributed hugely to the industry in New Zealand, and will be missed by many.Les Kendall - temperzone

You. The world is a little bit dimmer without you in it. I will miss you terribly Ken.
Maria, Jordan and Vanessa, I heard about each of you every day for two years and you are always what brought that infectious smile to his face - I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.Lauren Adam

Sincere condolences Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and all at BDT for your tragic loss, our thoughts are with you all at this very sad time. RIP KenGlenn & Eileen Roe (Aqua Vent)

I’ve been reading all of these beautiful tributes, and it’s incredible that one man has impacted so many lives. I can honestly say Ken you were the best boss I’ve ever had, and I will be forever grateful to have known you. You were an inspiration to me, and you were a heck of a lot of fun. I have so many memories of BDT and you’re pretty much at the centre of all of them. Melco Touch and Melco Indoor netball where there was no such thing as a “friendly” game, work dos, Christmas dos, trade launches, trips to China – with shots generally at the centre of all of it! And my funniest memory getting stuck in that dam in your new Pejero! The world will definitely be a dimmer place without you. My heartfelt sympathies and condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, words just can’t even express…... To Ron, Darryl, Kate and the BDT family, I imagine what you are going through both professionally and personally and my heart goes out to you. A great man and one of a kind. RIP Ken. Ali Drury xx (ex BDT & Haier)Ali Drury

Ken, I had Malaysian last Friday hotter than I normally have it but still not as nearly as hot as you had it...Thank you for all your energy and strength, your words of wisdom and never ending enthusiasm for everything you did. Your passing has made me very aware of all around me and those that I hold dear to my heart, my condolences to your family.. Bless RIPTrudy

When I joined BDT less than 3 years ago, I had decided that I could only work for a company that was similar to my previous company of 20 years. I needed to be around people that were similar minded and fun loving. A family that I could grow with, and succeed with. Most of all there had to be an inspirational leader that I believed in, respected and was happy to follow. I thought I had set myself up for a major disappointment.
How wrong was I?
After my first interview I was buzzing, Ken left an impression on me that only grew and grew, surpassing my expectations.
I'm not a church goer, but if there was a church of Ken, I would drop by regularly. I would listen to his sermon, and I would definitely drink the wine. Although I suspect everyone would have to wear a costume, the sermon would be more about how we can win, how we can have fun winning, and it would be bloody funny. I also suspect the wine would be more like tequila, served in a shot glass, and you wouldn't be allowed to leave unless you had had a few of them.
I bet the church would be packed full of believers, and his sermon would probably be delivered late - but it would be worth the wait.
As many people have said, Ken was a real giver, it didn't matter who you were. He would let you know you were worth having a conversation with. From the person who parked his car, to the waiter, or our most important customer, you got the same charismatic treatment, he really did care and this I admired.
Goodbye Ken, It was a short time we had together, but I learned a lot from you, and definitely had heaps of fun. You have left such an impression on so many people, me included, and like everyone you have left us wanting more, we haven't had enough yet.
I want to go to your church now, line up those shots Ken, and keep them coming.Vaughan Eustace - BDT

This is a big loss to everyone who knew Ken. He will be missed but will be always remembered for all the good that he resembles.My thoughts go to his family and to BDT Team.Sam Matary

So shocked to hear this news today. My heart goes out to Ken's colleagues and family as i know he will be terribly missed. The Ken i knew was so full of life and his faith in God was so real... i have no doubt he is at peace now. God bless the family as they grieve today.Derryn Brenan (Y&R Advertising)

Fantastic Guy, Massive loss and a very Insperational Man. He will be missed. All the best to Kens Family and the Team at BDT. Regards Anthony TuckerAnthony Tucker

To Maria and family, and the BDT team,
Our deepest sympathy goes to you with the tragic loss of Ken. We won't forget the trips we did with Ken to Australia - lots of great memories. Our thoughts are with you all today.Grayson and Rachel Dolan

To Kens Family, Darryl and the team at BDT,
Words will never fill the void you will all be feeling today. We have all lost a truly kind and generous soul, who infected all those who came across his pathway with his very unique spirit of enthusiasm and inspiration. Ken, I guess the Cossack Dance Lessons will have to wait for another day !! Dave Chenery - Haden ChristchurchDavid Chenery

so very sorry to hear this dreadful news.really nice living family man. our heart goes out to family.nina scott uden

How very sad to hear the suddended loss of of Ken Lilley. It is very hard to overcome the sadness that we have lost the best person in BDT. I know him for more than 10 years, during working with him,he always had a smile, frienly and perffected work . Ken will be long remembered for all of us for the good work he did, he will be in our hearts forever.

My deepest sympathy is with Ken’s family at this very sad and difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Piyapong Yungmee
Kang Yong Electric Public Company Litmited.
ThailandPiyapong Yungmee

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan - we are thinking of you at this time. Its hard to imagine what you must be going through. The few times we met Ken over the last few years were always entertaining to say the least. When you came in contact with Ken you always went away feeling a bigger person. This was the effect Ken's drive, passion and infectious personality had on you. He was someone who achieved more in his lifetime than most only dream of. Take comfort in fond memories. Love Andrew and CarolAndrew & Carol Hawke

A booming voice, a cheeky grin and a big hug - that was Ken. You gave so much to so many and the memories are endless.
To Maria, Vanessa & Jordan. May the wonderful memories of a life well lived and well loved help ease the pain. Our heart and thoughts are with you at this time. Jenny & Peter DrysdaleJenny Drysdale

Very sorry to hear of Ken's sudden passing which will be a huge loss - not only to his family - but also to his wider BDT family and friends.
My condolences.Lynn Harden

Dear Maria Vanessa and Jordan
Our deepest sympathy to you all for the loss of Ken.
We were shocked to hear the news of his accident.
We will always remember our Special Trip to South Africa and the Man and his Team who looked after us all so amazingly well.
Geoff and Caroline
Our thoughts also to all at BDT we are sure he will be missed terribly by you all.
We know his inspiration will continue to inspire you.Geoff and Caroline Densem Snow Temp Heating Solutions

Ken, where do I start... There is so much about you that will be missed! I couldn't believe it and still don't believe it but I guess tomorrow is really going to bring it all home. You were and are still amazing man. To this day I can't believe you wrote on the back of my wedding card from the company "no babies" and I am sorry because we didn't listen and we did have our gorgeous daught Chelsea. You were the person I could tell anything to and you always made me feel as if you had the time to sit down and listen. Ken I don't know what BDT will be like without you but I believe you have left such a legacy that although the walls seem empty without you now they are actually full of all the memories you have created. Maria, Vanessa, and Jordan thank you so much for sharing your husband and dad with us, our hearts go out to you now and especially tomorrow when you say your goodbyes. Ken RIP xox. It's times like these we need you Ken!
Love Lauren and Ryan PetersenLauren and Ryan Petersen

The fact that there are so many messages on this tribute board is a true testament to the respect that Ken Lilley had in our industry - as a fierce competitor in the days when we were both peddling our respective audio systems through to more recent times, Ken has been a stalwart of the appliance game and a force to be reckoned with - respect for this man was an easy thing to give. The will be a large empty space at the next industry gig.
On behalf of our team at AV Supply Group I offer my sincere condolences to Ken's family and all at BDTPat Kohika & the team at AV Supply Group

To the Lilley family & BDT team - our thoughts and hearts are with you at this sad time. Ken always had such a positive attitude and a zest for life which was infectious. He will be sadly missed and remembered as a wonderful man that he was.John & Nicola Heathcote

Ken we are so going to miss you in the industry and just having a drink together at Kaiteriteri. It was always good to catch up even just a smaller business you were always interested in what we were doing. And had some great advice. Will miss your big smile and wave from the Kaiteri Boat Ramp.Else Bert Craig Skillicorn and the team Reliance Betta Electical Motueka

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan,
Our hearts grieve with yours for the loss of your husband, father and our dear friend Ken. We are deeply saddened that a man so full of life had his life cut short so soon. May God grant you comfort and strength every day.
You have been and will continue to be in our prayers.
Sameer and Dori HandaSameer and Dori Handa

Dear BDT Members,

I am very sad to hear this news and I wish I can be there to share this difficult time together with you and his family.
When I worked in AC&R Wakayama Works, I visited your office.
After working time, Ken-san invited me to his own house and showed me his motor cycles, because I am motor cycle rider as well.
We talked a lot in front of his hobby, I am reminded.

He was Cool, Smart, Kind and Gentleman.
He was great leader, he was charisma for us.
There are no words I can offer that will make you and his family any easier.
Please let me know how I might help during this difficult time.
And please do not hesitate to contact me if you think of anything at all you might need.
Please accept my sincerest condolences at the death of our great Leader.
I feel certain that Ken-san is called to heaven.

Very Best Regards,

I will miss Ken dropping in for a coffee or a lunch. i will miss our long and lively chats about faith, family, and friendship. we shared a lot as our children grew up. my deepest sympathy to Maria Vanessa and Jordan. Ken was a great friend and confidant and fellow traveller.Ken Lord

I am still expecting Ken's cheerful greeting "Smiling girl?", dashing into (finance) corridor every five minutes, voice loudly "Al, Al" "Cil, Cil", or suddenly opening his window shouting something to smokers in the front court yard making them giggling.

Ken asked me what I would do everytime he signed my leave forms with timely advice "do Tongariro crossing before weekend, weather will change soon"," You have to do Abel Tasman Track, it is amazing"..

Ken, I will miss our foreign exchange discussions/debates, I am still trying to explain what IFRS adjustments mean...On Friday, when the weekly report was ready to be emailed, my computer screen went blur when your name came out.

I don't know how to say goodbye to you tomorrow, but I do know your passions on people and life will always be in my thoughts.

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, my heart goes out to you at this difficult time.


On behalf of the directors and shareholders of Air Con NZ , Anthony Tucker , Terry Clarkson , David Clarkson and all the staff I wish to express our huge sadness and disbelief to the family and those at BDT for the sudden cruel loss of a father , husband and Industry leader that Ken was , we all have fond memories of Ken and will cherish those and keep his memory living on with the respect it deserves of such a wonderful person , our thoughts are with the family at this unbelievable time .Stephen Tucker From Air Con New Zealand

Shock , Disbelief , Sadness I find words are hard to find , Ken was the person that I respected in business the most and personally the most after a full working life , his charismatic approach with his enthusiastic energy created such a positive atmosphere it was always a pleasure to deal with him and his company , our trips away with him and his family showed a devoted father with huge Love and compassion for Maria and the children that I'm sure will be missed beyond our understandings of feelings , Judy and I will miss him as he was one kind and a part of our lives , our thoughts are with the family at this time .Stephen and Judy Tucker

We are very shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of Ken Lilley. We would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Ken's wife and family and the team at BDT.Ken always looks so smart and full of energy, he contributed a lot to the initial development of Haier brand business in NZ yeas ago. We were all very pleased to work with Ken, and impressed by his passion, generous and business expertise. We hope he would continue his happiness in heaven, my thoughts are with you at this sad time. Tan Lixia SVP & CFO of Haier GroupLixia Tan

My deepest sympathies and condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan - I remember well the day you all came to NZKC to see my Bernese and fall in love with Boo (Denver), Dante & Emmy - and there started a wonderful friendship and a new family member for you - being Cash. Such fond memories of such a wonderful man. He will be sadly missed.Linda Jury

People often throw around the term ‘one in a million’

My family have been lucky enough to have one of the actual ‘one in a million’ gems in our lives for as long as I can remember.

Ken was always happy to chat, offering me business advice, fatherly advice and common sense that I will retain for the rest of my life.

He was happy to let me step up in business, and was equally happy to sit and discuss various aspects of IT. When it got overly technical rather than brushing it off, he would always look to understand more.

He offered me many lectures on maintaining the important balance between work and family; to remember to take time away and enjoy that special time that families have. He would always remind me that kids grow up and that time is short.

Ken you were right time is too short and I would never trade the time I got to spend with you for anything.

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, my heart goes out to you, Ken was always so proud of his family and you can be so proud of him.

Love Christian and AnnaChristian and Anna

Our deepest sympathies and condolences to Maria, Venessa, Jordon and Family. Ken was a very positive and caring person. He will be sadly missed by all who had the privilage to have known him.
Noel MountjoyNoel Mountjoy

Our deepest sympathies to Maria and the family-Ken was such a lovely, lovely man -
Professional in business and fun outside of it......such a big gap he leavesNigel and Jo Hughes

I left the BDT family nest in 2005 after 13 very formative years personally and professionally. 8 years on and Ken's loss has affected me deeply. So many kind words from so many people from the Melco/BDT and wider families. So many great stories. This is the mark of a very popular and special person. There are many common themes written here that accurately describe one of the most charismatic people I've known. Ken died doing what he loved in a part of the country he loved. My condolences to the Lilleys and the BDT family. Only the good die young...Jason Congdon

Like everyone, the team at Sunbeam were shocked to learn of the untimely death of Ken. This is a devastating loss, Ken certainly touched everyone who knew him in such a positive way. Reading the heartfelt messages many commented that Ken never had a bad word to say about anyone, but just as importantly noone has a bad word to say about Ken. I had known Ken for over 20 years and can sincerely say he was one of the really 'nice' people, you seldom get to meet. We will all be left with great memories of a very special person. To the Lilley family and to the team at BDT our thoughts are with you.Christine Johnston and the team at Sunbeam

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, and to Ron & the Black Diamond Technology Team go
our heartfelt condolences and sympathy. Ken was an inspiration and friend to us and
was someone we thought would always be there. He will be sadly missed.Brian & Peter Watt & Leader & Watt Team

We found it very hard to believe that Ken was no longer with us as he was such a vibrant part of any function or event associate with all of our BDT experiences.
We can only express our deepest sympathies to all the family on such a tragic occasion.
All of us at RHE are thinking of you.John & Warwick Stalker RHE Queenstown

To the Lilly and BDT families , My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Ken was always larger than life and full of enthusiasm. and as a keen motorbike rider myself this is a double blow.
Simon Warren (Ex Melco)Simon Warren

Deepest sympathies to the Lilley family and the BDT team at this time. Ken was always cheerful and positive. Kind regards, the team @ Robinhood NZAlfred Cordtz

My deepest sympathy to the Lilley family. I first met Ken at MEAust …. some twenty years ago and over these years have continued to catch up with him at our office when he visited – he always had that big big smile and lots of funny stories to captivate everyone in the room! Some people grin and bear it; while Ken smiled and did it! Ken will be missed by all who have come into contact with him.Susan Pitfield @ Mitsubishi Electric Australia

Our sincerest condolences go out to the Lilley family & BDT staff. Our thoughts are with you.Metropolitan Air condtioning & Refrigeration Ltd

Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and staff at BDT. I was very saddened to hear of Kens passing. My thoughts and tears are with you all at this very difficult time. He was a great man who lived life to the full. He may be gone but will never be forgotten.Millie scott

To Maria, I have never met Ken or yourself, but I am a friend of Sue and Don's and I am staying at their house at present. Sue shared how much they were looking forward to spending Easter with you and Ken, Maria. When they walked in the door on their return their faces glowed as they shared what a wonderful time a group of friends had had together! And reading these messages how truly loved and what a huge impact Ken has had on people's lives. What a blessing! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. From Meredyth Anderson.Meredyth Anderson

Shocked to hear about Ken's death and wish to pass on my condolences and best wishes. You (and Cash) were our very first guests at The Billiards Room in Queenstown. Ken subsequently came into my wife's orbit on TV3's The Block, but sadly that connection wasn't made until after his death.

Michael TurnerMichael Turner

Ken & Darryl interviewed me at the AKL Sky City Hotel back in Oct 2007. They say first impressions last...Ken's passion, enthusiasm, drive and friendly personality caught my attention immediately! Your leadership & business accumen will be sorely missed.Andy Macdonald - ex BDT employee

Ken was an member of the committee of The Sands body corporate in Nelson where he was the owner of a commercial unit.

To the other members of the committee and the body corporate officers, he was a trusted and valued colleague and I am aware that they all valued his contribution. When he spoke his comments were always clearly thought through and based the sound judgement and experience he had gained from years of being a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

His contribution and fellowship will be sorely missed by all of us and our thoughts are with Ken's friends and family at this time.

John Bradley
The Sands body corporate, Nelson.John Bradley

Ken was one of those people who could captivate a room just by standing on stage. When he did speak it was always with exitement and enthusiasm for everything he did, and people listened.
He always seemed to have time for you no matter how big or small your business was, and always listened and took interest in what you did. Personally we shared the same passion for Motorcyling and Fishing which quickly took over the conversation from work but sadly we wont be able to complete our promise of meeting at my playground of Durville Island.
My sympathies go out to everyone close to Ken, there is no preparation when someone is taken suddenly from you, but his memories will keep him alive with us all.Nathan Sharp, Prue Pinkerton and Family. Aircon Nelson

Dear Maria and Family we are deeply shocked and saddened and our hearts go out to you all. I joined BDT a year after Ken. I remember this young keen larger than life loud passionate sales rep from CHCH. He had “that X factor”, was charismatic kind hearted and a mentor for many of us over many years. He was an industry leader as national sales manager a perfect complement to Ron. We had many years of huge success growth, hard work and most of all fun. After taking on the role as BDT MD and quickly gaining his MBA he became a well informed and polished business man with real business integrity and substance.
He has steered the company in many directions as our product line up was changed on us. Remarkably every time with his influence and positive passion we became a market leader in that new category.
He always made time for his staff and treated us as part of the family. He was a big kid at heart who enjoyed life to the full and had respect from all of us around him. He loved his holiday mansion in Kaiteriteri, the motor bikes and his other achievements. Although Ken’s job meant long hours and time away from his immediate family he always made the time to keep in touch and proudly tell us about what was happening back at home.
Ken has left a huge hole in all our lives and we are all better people for having known, learned from a really great man.
John Cavill BDTJohn Cavill

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of the BDT team.
Ken has not left you all, he has just changed address.
Regards to all James Palmer LtdDenise Jaggar

I worked at Melco in the late nineties to mid 2000 and had alot to do with Ken in my role. Whenever I said to him "what have you done Ken?", he would always throw that cheeky grin and say "I know....but Nadine, you will fix it for me". And I always did with a secret smile of my own. I think your biggest grin for me was when I introduced my litte girl - "Jordan" to you in 2004 and you remembered the conversation we had about how great the name was when I met your son back in 1997. My heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan and all the team at BDT. What a loss, hold onto the memories of this special man.
Nadine (Ericksen) ex Melco, John Coulter and familyNadine (Ericksen) ex Melco, John Coulter and family

My first connection with Ken was at the age of 11. It was the first week of school and we were discussing our family coat of arms. A young girl called Vanessa spoke up – “Our name is Lilley, not silly, and we don’t have a coat of arms so my dad made one”. I have been lucky enough to know Ken and his family ever since. I’ve known him as a friend’s father, as a coach, as a boss, as a mentor and above all, as a friend.
One of my fondest memories will be the day Ken decided that some of us should take a convoy of his land rovers up a sheer cliff-side road to see the view from some land he had recently purchased. Of course, this was a newly dug, sheer cliff-side road and it had been raining all week. Needless to say it all went wrong. While leading the convoy up the steep slope Ken managed to slide into the cliff and had to be towed out by his other land rover. All he had to say for himself was “that’s why I went first” with a giant grin. It was typical of the happy abandon with which he threw himself into everything he did.
Despite the shock and sorrow I have felt over the last few days it has been heartwarming to read the messages and memories shared by other people and to know how much of a presence Ken has been in so many lives.
I am very sad that I cannot be there for the funeral but in my absence I would like to say, Ken, thank you for everything. You were truly a special person and I will never forget the moments we shared. I’ll miss your smile and desire to always have a gin and find out what is going on in my life, Vanessa’s and all of her friends. Your passion for life was contagious and it was always a breath of fresh air being around you.
Maria, Ness and Jordan – to loose a friend, a father, a husband and a soul mate is tragic. I hope you can feel comfort knowing that you were the center of Ken’s world and that as much happiness as he brought to other people you brought much, much more happiness to him. His life was full because all three of you were in it. My thoughts and tears are with you all xxGeorgie Lloyd

Ken - you were an extremely passionate, positive and inspiring man. You achieved so much and have inspired so many. You lived life to the fullest and always knew how to make people laugh. You will be deeply missed by so many, and my heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, Cash and the BDT family. My thoughts are with you all.
Karlene (Promotus)Karlene Hazlewood

Would like to say how Ken touched all of our hearts , the interest he took in how we were,what we had been up to. He made our jobs worthwhile doing. All our love Maria, Vanessa & Jordan .Shirley, Peter , Tim, Kylie, Andrew & Adam -Shoreline Restaurant , Kaiteriteri

Ken was a man of many, many words and we thank him for that as he touched the hearts and minds of everyone he met. A remarkable manager. A remarkable man.
Pip O'Connell (ex Melco)Pip O'Connell

Condolences to Maria, Vanessa ,Jordan and Cash from myself and on behalf of the bernese mountain dog club . I will always remember Kens love and passion for our wonderful breed and in particular Cash of course (his boy!) love and berner hugs to you allJulia Bryce

Devastated to hear the terrible news. I still can not believe it.
The very first time I saw his name was on a letter he sent to me threating to sue us for importing an identical dehumidifier from China; the first time I met him in person was on the introduction day in our MBA with Massey University. Ken and I became good friends immediately in exploring the opportunities between China and New Zealand. we end up finished our MBA and at the same time formed our joint venture Haier New Zealand Limited and sourcing many home appliances for the Black Diamond brand from China.

During the time working with Ken, he shared his life experience with me, one of them is that Maria and him smuggled bibles into China during the time they taught English in China, and he could be the vrey first person who introduced Rugby to Chinese campus.
Ken and I traveled many times to China togather and some of the trips were very tight and end uo exhausted, that could be the reason when Ken did a speech on our wedding, he reminded Sharon that I was a slave driver who would never stop.
My dear friend, I have learned to stop and enjoy life now, but I lost the opportunity to talk to you again about my life and my business. I know you were a great man and you had a great life always with positive altitudes to everybody and everything around you. I believe that you will continue your colourful spirit in heaven.

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, Our thoughts are sincerely with you. Karl and Sharon Qinkarl lijun Qin

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan (and Cash). My deepest condolences and prayers from the heart.

Ken was larger than life and his spirit touched us all. I had the absolute privilege to have known Ken in my early career and beyond in my personal life. The positive energy, the charismatic confidence and truly caring nature, will never ever be forgotten. He will always be my mentor.
Vince Dobbelaar and familyVince Dobbelaar

The first time I meet Ken he was dressed as Xena the Warrior Princess long blonde wig and very short dress I thought oh my god who is Darryl working for. Since then we have had the pleasure of Ken dressing up quite a few times and nothing could shock me after that. Darryl has lost his partner in crime 14years worth of adventures and some stories are legendary. Nothing will be quite the same without you Ken. You are dearly missed. Maria Vanessa Jordan and Cash my thoughts are with you at this sad time.Lynley Rochester

Our sincere condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan and the Lilley family for your bereavement. Sympathies also to the BDT team in the loss of your inspirational leader. We will always remember with gratitude Ken's generosity of spirit in sharing his knowledge, talent, expertise and above all his passion for marketing with our daughter. Thank you Ken for being such a wonderful mentor, you truly defined the word. God bless, Adrian and JoyceAdrian and Joyce Brown (Nicole Williams' parents)

We would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Ken's wife and family and the entire team at BDT.We were shocked to learn of the sudden tragic death of Ken.
Wegge Kesha and staff, Central Air Conditioning Ltd - AucklandCentral Air Conditioning Management and Staff

To Maria,Vanessa and Jordan my deepest sympathy for your loss.Ken was a great boss with a great smile and a booming voice.I am going to miss our banter on football and how you always gave me grief when my team lost but never said anything when we won. I will miss the annual bowling competition with you always seeming to win. May you R.I.P.Keith

I cannot imagine the sorrow that the Lilley family must be feeling at this time. Ken was an inspriation and without doubt the most motivational leader I have known. He was able to bring out the best in people and created a culture within Melco/BDT that was second to none. Ken, you will be greatly missed by your family, the team at BDT, the industry and for all of us who had the pleasure to know you.Nicki Treves

I first met you in 1989. You came bounding down the stairs at Parliament Street to meet me in reception for my interview, beaming smile, booming voice. You’d just read my CV and noted I’d recently worked for Lilly pak – clearly that amused you greatly.

The ensuing years were a whirlwind of work hard, play hard in a team environment like no other. You brought out the best in us all by always being the best yourself.
Mentor, leader, friend.

The past few days have had us all recall our stories. They are many. Often outrageous and always with you somewhere in the mix of some craziness and humour.
One that I often remember is when on a trip to Japan one evening we were about to be hosted at the local favourite Karaoke bar, I came back to the table to find much excited anticipation of our hosts, as you had told them that I was a famous singer in New Zealand and that I had my own television show…. they had just called their friends to come hear me. My protests of my lack of vocal ability were taken as an attempt to show modesty …. until they heard me sing……. …… I was mortified!!!!!!....You were in stitches……..

In the past few days the tears have flowed. It is with a heart that is heavy, but one that is full of gratitude, that I thank you for the opportunities, the fun and the teachings not only during my time at Melco but through our continued friendship over 24 years.

To Maria, from both Wilson and I, our thoughts are with you, Vanessa and Jordan at this difficult time.

To Ron and the BDT team, it is a huge loss.… that beaming smile, the booming voice.
……Ken, you will be so sorely missed by us all.Michele (Morresey) and Wilson Pollock

Ken was greatly admired for his outgoing and generous personality.He will be sadly missed by his Motueka motorbike friends family and colleagues. r.i.p .
Phillip, Knapp Engineering.Phillip cross.

Our sincerest condolences to the LIlley Family and all the team at BDT.
We were all shocked by news of this untimely tragedy. We have great respect for what Ken has achieved in our industry and in leading BDT so well. May Ken rest in peace.
Our thoughts and wishes are with you.The team at Below Zero//Hothouse

Ashley, Kerry & the Powerex team are sad to hear of the passing of Ken and send our condolences to all our friends at BDT and Ken's family.Kerry - Powerex

I was so shocked to hear your tragedy and still unable to understand you have passed away.You have made our business successfull in NZ.Thank you very much for everything
and please take rest in peace in heaven.Yukio Higuchi (Mitsubishi Electric Shizuoka Works)

I was so shocked to hear your tragedy and still unable to understand you have passed away.You have made our business successfull in NZ.Thank you very much for everything
and please take rest in peace in heaven.Yukio Higuchi (Mitsubishi Electric Shizuoka Works)

Ken will remember for his charismatic personality and his success in the area of sales and marketing in the industry ..for me he was great business idol !
May his soul rest in peace!Mahendra Jade

Ken, ive shared so many laughs with you over the years. From the time you were commenting on someone's weight whist leaning back on the chair, only for it to snap under your own weight. The numerous times you left your laptop at sky city & asked me to find it. The time you left your bag on the baggage conveyor at the airport and asked me to find it. The time your went to the wrong hotel for the BDT Xmas party. And of course the best one of all, we entrusted you to video my daughters baptism only to discover that you had recorded it with the night vision switch on! But without you, i would never have got where i am today and for that i thank you. You were a truly amazing man to work for, you touched the hearts & minds of so many people, I am honored to have been one of them. Thank you & good bye.Aimee torstonson (ex BDT)

Ken, The man with the biggest "X Factor" ever. An incredibly kind and caring man who was always so much fun to be around. I have such great memories of our business trips away. You were a great mentor, motivator and inspiration to me then and now. You will be greatly missed. You will never be forgotten. All my love and kindest thoughts to Maria and the family.Di Champion (Ex Melco)

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan,
Anne joins me in sending our sympathy to you Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, on the sudden passing of Ken.
A husband, a father, is a special person, making it hard for friends like us to find the right words at the time of parting.
As time passes, it will be the lovely memories you will have of Ken and the fun times you all had together as a family that will mean so much to you in the years ahead.
Ken was truly a remarkable person who earned the respect of everyone who came in contact with him over the years. He always had a smile, had time to have a discussion (even with an old guy like me!), his humour and joie de vivre will be long remembered by all of us.
We send you our warm thoughts and understanding. Our prayers are with you all at this sad time.
God Bless
Graham and Anne Stewart
(Ron’s in-laws)Graham and Anne Stewart

I worked for Ken some time ago and am so appreciative of all he did for me. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Such a good guy, such a huge loss. Much love to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan and all of Ken’s nearest and dearest.Carissa Jackson

I've just finished reading some of the tributes that have been left on this page, and I think the number alone shows how much of an impact Ken made in so many people's lives. I've worked at BDT for two years and its difficult to imagine how it's going to work without Ken's hard working and positive attitude. Maria, Jordan, Vanessa and Cash, I cant imagine what you're going through losing a husband and father. Ken was an amazing man and such a big part of BDT. He was definitly a character who was always happy to share a laugh. I'm thinking of the day when Ken rings me down from Christchurch in shock because Ella had booked him in accomodation that didnt even have an ironing board! Laughter aside, Ken made everyone feel special. He was never a boss locked away in his office. He asked about our weekends, partners and dogs. He's left a huge hole in the company and in our hearts. Miss you Ken "keep smiling"- AnnetteAnnette- BDT

Very hard to put words to paper about you mate, certainly one of the most charismatic and fun loving blokes I had ever met. Appreciated your sage business advice in Japan over a glass or two of yamazaki.
Deepest sympathy to Maria and the rest of your family.
Tony O'Connell and the NME team.Tony O'Connell

Mate ,you will be sadly missed.Your generosity on the Moroccan adventure, with cigars and whisky for all will be a memory we will treasure for ever along with your never ending sense of humor and the loan of thermals when temperatures plummeted .The adventure rides here will never be the same. Go well our friend KP & RoKerry & Roanne Potts

Ken has always been the mentor who had the most influence over my life and I have always held him in the highest esteem, our thoughts are with you all and all We can do is offer our sincerest condolences to you all - Ann & Mike.Mike Lee

We are so sorry to hear of your loss, Maria. Your whanau are in our prayersNelida Pennington

Our Thoughts are with Maria,Jordan,Vanessa,Cash and all of the Lilley Family.We are shocked & stunned to hear of Ken's tragic accident.He was the most friendliest person & generous man we knew. He always had a smile on his face with a positive outlook, such a loving son to his mother Ilene. He will be sadly missed xxxxxDenise, Craig,Bradley & Ashleigh Tomlinson

It is still somewhat unbelievable that Ken has passed.
Ken was amazing how he managed to share some of his time with everyone and anyone. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.
Scott Klemscott klem

I first meet Ken when I moved to Auckland 20 years ago and have had the honour & pleasure of working with both he and the BDT family ever since. His passion for life and people was unlimited and he will be sorely missed. The industry has lost one of its greatest icons, a family has lost a magnificent patriach and I have lost a great friend.Lloyd Freeman

Ken, you will be sorely missed. You're genuine interest in all that you encountered and you're easy nature endeared you to everyone you met. What you see is what you get, fun loving, passionate, generous, intelligent, persuasive, honest and caring. Our kindest thoughts are with Maria and the wider family.John & Prue Lamerton

Our deepest sympathies and prayers to Lilley family, and the BDT family for this tragic loss. As a supplier to BDT it has always been apparent what an influential and charismatic man Ken was, who clearly touched so many lives. You are in our thoughts at this trying time.Adair, Jo, Amber & the Williment travel team

Maria ,Jordan and Vanessa,
Our hearts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. Taken far too early Ken will always stay in our hearts and minds as the energetic enthusiastic young man full of fun and good ideas. Forever young ! Forever Fun! Forever held in high regard. You were and will always be larger than life Ken!
Love from Michael and Bernadette and familyMichael and Bernadette Gibbs

We find it most difficult writing this message , What a loss. Our generous, helpfull, friendly, Kaiterteri neighbour and awesome entertainer , of only two years. we will miss you so much . To Maria , Vanessa and Jordan Our prayes and thoughts are with at this difficult time, Ross & Jan Davidson.Ross and Jan Davidson,

We are truly devastated to hear the shocking news of such a great mans untimely passing. Ken was an amazing man with a 'what's mine is yours' attitude and charisma that would light up the room.
His generosity and kindness through BDT has helped our family immensely over the years, and we're extremely grateful.
People were immediately drawn to that big smile, huge heart & his strong desire to make sure everyone was having the best time!
Our love and thoughts are with Maria, Vanessa & Jordan at this tragic time.
He will be so dearly missed by more people than he could ever imagine.Dan & Vess Mark

The news was earth shattering, so hard to believe. Our deepest sympathyTerry Stones & Susie Vachanonda

Though I only met Ken-san a few times, he left strong impression on me and I felt there is something very special about him. Being as big a presence as him, I can imagine how much his family and the colleagues would miss him. Let me offer my sincere condolences to the family. My prayers are with you for this difficult time.A.Yamashita-MEVN

Its is with great sadness and shock to learn of Ken's passing.
I feel very privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity in the early days of Melco to have worked and get to know Ken over the many years when I was part of the Melco family. Ken you were a man who always made everyone feel important, you were supportive and the life and soul of the great work functions and kids Christmas do's. Thinking of you now brings a smile.
My thoughts are with Maria, Vanessa and Jordan at this very sad time.
And also with Ron and the BDT/Melco family.Paula Howard ex Melco

From all the staff at Ohakune Tv Electrical our deepest sympathies to the Lilley family for the sad loss of Ken and also to the staff of BDT .Please accept our condolences at this difficult time. Colleen and Bob NorlingOhakune Tv Electrical

Dear Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the BDT family. I had the great privilege of knowing Ken when BDT was a customer of CiEvents New Zealand, and I worked closely with Darryl and Nicole in planning and traveling with the BDT crew to such wonderful places as Singapore, Thailand, San Francisco and Vancouver. I'll never forget how Ken used to treat people, always with respect and as an extended member of the BDT family.He was, at the very heart of it, just an incredibly good and generous person, and it was a privelege to work with him. I was so incredibly saddened to hear about his passing, it is an unfathomable tragedy. Please accept my deepest sympathies at this difficult timeLisa Hopkins

Each happy moment of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow.
My thoughts are with Ken’s family and friends.David Casson

To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the Lilley family, from both myself and Sarah, our thoughts are with you in this time of indescribable loss. Who would think we would be doing this for the one and only Ken…I still cannot believe it. Ken, so many people have spoken of their appreciation of you in so many ways. Especially for the inspiration that you so naturally gave. You are my hero. You have taught me so much in life and in work. You knew how to get the best out of people by always being the best yourself. I couldn’t help but always at least try to follow that example. You always had a smile and plenty of time for everyone which in turn could only make you feel that what you had to offer was always worthwhile. You helped not only me but also my family through the most difficult times through your kindness by way of action, advice and what seemed like your limitless, genuine concern and attention. I was always amazed, knowing how full it seemed all your days were, that you always took time to make sure all was well in my world.

My last time spent with you was just typical of who you were…on Thursday as you pulled away from work to leave for the long weekend, as only you would, you saw me, stopped in the middle of oncoming traffic, reversed up, yelled..”Mate”!... shared a funny then proceeded to drive off. I could still hear you laughing at your own joke as you were waiting (this time) for traffic at the intersection down the road. Mission accomplished…we were both cracking up.

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal.” I, like so many others miss you immensely but find some solace that this feeling of loss surely has to be countered by the immeasurable gratitude I have for having known you.John Ellison -BDT

I was shocked to hear the news of Ken's sudden death on Tuesday Evening. I have known Ken since my days with L.M.Rankine in Wellington and are well aware that we have lost very well respected iconic figure from our Industry. Our thoughts are with both the Family and the Team at BDT.John Feron and Family

On behalf of the Sharp Corporation, we would like to express our deepest sympathies. We were very saddened to learn of the sudden tragic death of Ken, our thoughts are with his family and the BDT Team
Ken was a leading figure in the Consumer Electronics industry and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Please accept our sincere condolences at this sad time
Jan Nicol, Scott Cate and the team at Sharp CorporationJan Nicol

Lost for words but my sincerest condolences to the Lilley family and the team at BDT. Ken your were one in a million mate.Jason Campbell

I am shocked to hear of this devastating news about Ken. I have know Ken as a fellow parent (our daughters went to the same school), a nearby neighbour and from a business acquaintance. He had a great personality, innovative and an excellent roll model in the industry. I am sorry that I can not be at his funeral due to being overseas at that time. Our thoughts are with the family. Arvin, Bharti, Alisha, Hamesh Jina.Arvin Jina

Ken was such a great guy and I can’t imagine the loss that his family is feeling, my heart goes out to them. Ken always put a smile on my face and was very caring, continuously looking out for others. He will be greatly missed.Maya Gaebler

Incredibly sad news a great man who inspired so many, his loss will be felt worldwide, the loss will be huge, but the memories and stories will continue on there are so many to tell! love and condolences to everyone xxJohn & Liz Barr-Brown (Formerly Freeheat Ltd)

Ken Lilley, what can I say. My heart goes out to Ken's family, Maria, Vanessa & Jordon at this bad time.
Ken was a "Magic" man who lead the BDT team like a family, letting the individual members of his team be responsible for their work and decisions, he appreciated his team as individuals and was always singing their praises to me
As a customer he made me feel as I was part of his team and made me feel good, his generosity and kindness at work and social events was to the highest of standards.
Ken earned my respect before I was privillaged to meet him. The first time I meet Ken his character surpassed what I had heard about him.
To the BDT team you must carry on your work in the way that Ken lead you and step up for Ken
To Ken's family I am so sorry for your loss and my heart is heavy for you
Ken I have lost a "special man" as my friend in life
Les EllisonLes Ellison & Gregor Ashby

Our condolances to the Lilley family. It was a great shock to hear this terrible news.

We only knew Ken briefly, he was our landlord, but found him a very honest and fair man, rare in a landlord these days. We will remeber him fondly.

Our hearts go out to you all at this tragic time.

All our love.

Allan & Christine WeldonAllan & Christine Weldon

To the Lilley family and BDT staff my deep condolences for your loss.
Ken was a dynamic guy with the X factor.. you knew when you were in a room with him!
The professional edge he brought to the industry made BDT what they are today.

On behalf of Cowley Service we offer our deepest sympathies.

Paul Davis
Territory Manager- Service Contracts
Cowley Services New ZealandPaul Davis

How do you say goodbye to someone who has been such a huge influence on your life for such a long time, especially when their influence is still very much wanted and needed. Ken, I am here doing what I do today because you guided, mentored and taught me in the most amazing way. You gave me the biggest of opportunities and always made me feel like I could do it and that I was appreciated. There is so much I wish I could have said to you before you left work on Thursday, like I’m sorry for writing your name on my clipboard every time you were late to a meeting, I’m sorry for sending funny pictures of you out to the whole company, I’m sorry for complaining when you interrupted my meeting and I’m sorry for never letting you know how much I appreciated you too and that you were just so special to me. Most of all Ken, I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to give you a giant hug before you left that day. Ken, I hated how you were able to extract all of my secrets even when I didn’t want to tell but I’m thankful that you were always there to support me when I needed you.
I keep seeing your name on things and it still seems very much vibrant and alive which makes it so much harder to believe you are actually gone.
Maria, Vanessa & Jordan, I’m just so overcome with sadness that you have lost this inspirational man. Ken will be in our hearts, minds and most importantly our actions, forever.Kate Gibson

We have just come home from our holiday overseas, and that was the first thing I heard. We are utterly gutted, he was such a great customer and character, he always has a smile on his face. We are treuly sorry to hear this news and would like to give our deepest sympathy to the family.
He will be sadly missedLe Havre Collections Anette@Graeme Drewery

Ken Lilley, his personality is very fantastic. He was such a sweet, thoughtfull, kind, gentle soul, funny, creative person. I always remind myself how kind hospitality I could touch, when I visited New Zealand a few years ago. Accompanying with him in any occasion always bring me happiness, joy, inspiration an d unforgettable memories.
Such a absolute inspiring soul, I will miss his smile, his warm charactor very much. I am so saddened by losing from my life.
Much love, Sadahiro TomitaSadahiro Tomita--KYE Thailand

I met Ken in the early 90s when I worked for Melco in Auckland. While I moved on to eventually become a competitor I would regularly see Ken around the traps...and typical of the man...he still took the time to say hello and have a chat...competitor or not. I was in a busy bookshop a couple of months back when a loud voice called out my name...causing EVERYONE in the bookshop to was Ken being his never quiet self. Indeed a great man! My thoughts are with Kens family and his BDT family,Charlie Unwin

So heartbroken to hear of Ken's passing. My prayers and thoughts are with you Vanessa and your family. Your Dad was by far the best sporting coach I've had. Even thought it has been ten years since we were all on that basketball court, you never forget the impact that someone so admirable has had on your life. He made us a team because he was always full of encouragement and praise not to mention his humour when we were getting our butts kicked. I'll never forget you Mr Lilley, thank you for your presence in my life. God bless xxxSiosiana Lotaki

I first met Ken back in the Melco days, and over the years of many many functions and conferences and meetings and parties I saw how much he loved life, understood the meaning of celebration, respected his collegues and shared success with utter generosity and faced failure with optimism. We are all very saddened and I will miss his unique ability that made us feel special and respected. Our sympathy to all Ken's family, to Ron and all his collegues and all his friends and business associates, although to Ken there seemed little distinction - if he liked you, he liked you.Tim Gordon and The Improvisors Team

To Marie & the Lilley family our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
From the team at Rayglass Boats Auckland.Lyndsay Turner

They say time heals all wounds, but I will bear the scar in the corner of my eye for the rest of my life with pride after Ken threw darts at my head! Lesson # 1: Never beat Ken at darts when he still has 3 darts in his hand… Lesson # 2: Don’t gloat about winning while Ken still has 3 darts in his hand… Ken didn’t lose too often (normally because he changed the rules to make sure he always won) but when he did suffer defeat, he was such a sore loser about it! No competition at BDT will ever be the same now that Ken has gone, but everything we do, will continue to be done with the same level of commitment, passion and absolute will to win that Ken installed in each one of us at BDT. When Charlie Sheen made the phase “Winning” famous, he wasn’t talking about himself, he was talking about you Ken.
Maria, Jordan & Vanessa – thank you so much for sharing Ken with us all.Jeremy Jackson - BDT

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan please accept my deepest sympathys for the lose of your soulmate and father. Ken was a good man with a kind heart and a very caring nature. I haven't been part of the team at Melco for a long time now but everytime I saw Ken at the local cafe or shell garage he was always interested in what the family was up to and how I was. Both Ron and Ken were very supportive when we as a family had a sick son and the support given was a true reflection of a very caring and kind man.
Paul & Catherine GillPaul Gill

I know how deeply loved you were by my brother Allan and his wife Kay Jackson and your moving words at Allan's 60th just 2 weeks ago will stay in my mind and heart forever.
What a wonderful man who brought fellowship and love to all around him.
To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and Cash may your divine faith surround you at this time when things are so raw for you all God Bless xoxoxSuzanne and jospeh O'Hara and Family

It really is hard to add much to all the messages on this page aside from the fact I share the thoughts and feelings. Things like "filling any room he was in" , "inspirational" and "larger than life" can sometimes verge on cliches but in the case of Ken they are a factual description of the man. A terrible thing to have lost Ken so early but - supported by the words from many on this page -what a quality of life he led in his 54 years. Our future motorcycle trips will have a lasting void in them without Ken in person but we will continue to celebrate his memory and big presence.Michael McKeon

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan. So so sad to hear the tragic news and our thoughts are with you and your wider family. We remember with fondness all the great holidays we shared with you all and the exciting times we had. Ken was an amazing guy and always fun to be around. Chris & FrancesChris Kitzen

I am a former employee of BDT and considered Ken a friend, a great person and a mentor in life, be it work or play. And this guy knew how to make work and life fun.

My deepest sympathies goes out to the family and all who came in contact with Ken as they will know what the rest of the world is now missing, "not having the pleasure in meeting this Man",

I caught up with Ken and Darryl about 3 months ago when they came to Cairns in Australia, Ken hadn't changed he was still his charismatic jovial self and always had a positive outlook on life. He talked about would he purchase the Landrover or wait a while; I guess he wasn't much of the waiting type when it came to toys!

He will always be the person in my life who gave me complements and it ment something because of who it came from! I hope he knows how many people he really touched in life because I was one.

All my thoughts are with Maria, Vanessa, Jordon and BDT family at this absolute sadden time.

Thank you Ken and you will not be forgotten as you were loved by many.Carl Wheeler

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, please know that our hearts, love and prayers are with you all at this tragic time. Ken had a huge impact on so many of us, his unique spirit, passion and enthusiasm was infectious to all. His approach to Life was of a man in a hurry, always facing challenges with an attitude of " come on guys let's get it done!" A Giant of a man in Vision, Statue and Spirit. Ken Loved Life in all forms, Family first, His Face always with that huge grin and twinkle in his eye, ready for Basketball, football or anything that could be competitive! Ken is one of a kind, and I will great miss his huge presence and warm welcoming spirit. Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, to you all again our Love and Hugs and Prayers to you all, Mike and Joanne Lisa and StephenMike Hedges

My sincerest condolences to the Lilley family and also to the BDT family. Ken was an amazing man whos personality was larger than life, I'm sitting here and am lost for words, there is much I want to say but do not know where to start. Ken was an amazing man and gave the saying BDT Family meaning, I will remember all the laughs and pranks we shared and also the business etiquette he taught me. You are all in my thoughts and prayers xxxRebecca Zandbergen

We met Ken Lilley last year when Mitsubshi Electric worked on The Block programme with TV3.

I was enormously impressed with Ken who clearly had a love of life that his team found inspirational. We thoroughly enjoyed Ken's company when we had the chance to meet up along the project, especially The Block wrap party - Ken flew up especially from Wellington and was great company on the night.

The whole team here was shocked at this tragic news - we wish to extend our sincerest condolences to all those that were close to Ken.Melanie Reece

I knew Ken through our work on the Black Diamond Incentive Programme. He was an outstanding man and a caring, inspiration person. My thoughts and best wishes to the Lilley family, Darryl, Nicole and entire BDT team.Ross Jamieson

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.
Being close to the BDT team through Daryl it was great sorrow to see Ken pass way to early our thoughts and prayers are with you all..

Kind Regards
Stephen Chamberlain (AKA Roly)
Trentham Racecourse & friend of BDTStephen Chamberlain

We are saddened terribly to hear of Kens death,
Please accept and pass on to the family and to the staff of BDT our deepest sympathy and condolences.Neville Patchett, Cuddon Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Unfortunately I have only met Ken on one occassion many years ago and so have not had the priviledge of getting to know him. However, in speaking to my colleagues in the industry it is plain to me he was obviously a man who was loved by people and also possessed exceptional leadership ability. He will be sadly missed by all. My thoughts and prayers are for his family and his close friends and work mates as you mourn the loss of Ken.Tony Sandes. General Manager Proven Systems Ltd. trading as DVS.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken's family and the staff at BDT at this very sad time. With the deepest of sympathies.Stan Kalafatelis & Warren McDonald (TVNZ)

Ken, you were, and will remain, an inspiration to me as I'm sure all in the wider BDT/Melco family. I shall miss our frequent chats. While it's hard to believe someone so full of life will no longer be with us in person, your spirit will live on through the many hundreds, if not thousands, of souls you inspired with your infectious zest for life. Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, no words will ever be enough - my heart goes out to you.Jon Werry

My understanding from Ken was that he wanted to maybe ease back from work a bit this yr. He had definately earned that right. But quite frankly Kenneth me old boy, this is taking the piss a bit dont you think?
I never thought of Ken as our Managing Director. To me he was another work mate and that was the way our relationship seem to play out. Stoppng at his office to shoot the breeze about all sorts of stuff genarally ended in laughter about something that either of us had done or heard of or we thought we could do. He was a big kid at heart as we know, loved to be one of the troops, be a part of whatever fun or antics were going on at anytime, weither joining in or encouraging it. For all that fun and laughter though, i will never foget the time last yr when at work on a Thursday afternoon, i found out my father had suffered a stroke in chch. I was not sure what to do, but Ken was straight into me telling me i had to go immediately and that the company would pay. He also had the mind to tell me to let the company know the next day before 5pm when i would be returning so they could book me a flight back as it would then be the wknd and we would be closed. This was a grand gesture and when i shook his hand the following wk to thank him, he almost made me feel like i was the one who had helped HIM out!! Just an incredible man.
For that and the environment you created here Ken at BDT, that allowed me to be who i am and develop into a far better individual than when i started, i will be forever thankful. You gave me a hm away from hm and mate, you gave me a place to hang that hat. I remember a small child standing nearby one day and heard her say, " mummy, that man over there has a big voice and a really shiny head". We were just lucky enough that it was big enough to shine on all of us. Kenneth me old boy, you touched my life greatly and I, like everyone at this time, cant believe your gone. I will really really miss you mate.
To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and Cash, from myself and on behalf of my mother Marj, we would like to send of deepest condolences to you all. He is still, a great man.Steve rowling - BDT

On behalf of the Norfolk Group, I would like to express our heartfelt sympathies on the sad loss of Ken Lilley. It was with deep regret that we received the tragic news regarding one of the most formidable and inspiring leaders within the technology industry. The economic climate has been extremely challenging and it takes extraordinary leaders to survive and drive a multinational. Ken was clearly a special person who brought out the best in those that surrounded him both professionally and personally. He will be greatly missed in the New Zealand Business environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere condolences to his family, staff and friends in this very difficult time.

With our best wishes
Keith Blind
Chief Executive - Maintenance
Norfolk Group
Australia\NewZealandKeith Blind, Chief Executive - Maintenance, Norfolk Group

Ken Lilley... An Exceptional Man! An Exceptional Life!

The following poem by Robbie Burns seems appropriate...

An HONEST man now lies at rest,
As e'er God with his image blest;
A friend of man, a friend of truth,
a friend of age, and guide of youth:
Few hearts like his, with virtue warm'd,
Few heads with knowledge so informed;
If there is another world, he lives in bliss;
If there is none, he made the best of this.

I pray that you will find peace during this time of grief.Rob Duncanson - HVAC Design

Dear Maria. It's just so hard to express how sad we are and how deeply we feel for you, Vanessa and Jordan. Ken was such a character and, while we only caught up once or twice a year, when we got together he made it feel like we were best mates. That's just the sort of man Ken was, he will be hugely missed. Our thoughts are with you.Garry Williams and Jo Buckner

To the Lilley and BDT families. My thoughts are with you all for a man that gave so much to this world. I can sincerely say it was a priviledge to have met and worked with Ken. He will be missed by many and cherished for his contribution to the lives of so many people.Chris Newson (former BDT team member)

Very hard to find the words to tell you how very sad we were to hear about Ken. Please know our thoughts are with you all.Ian & Anna Molloy (Mint Air)

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan we are shocked to hear of Ken's sudden passing. Memories of Ken from the early 1980's and the testimonies here show that he continued to be true to his effervescent character. He was always overflowing with life and it was a joy to watch you find each other, Maria and join in marriage. We are so very sorry for your loss.Peter and Merrilyn Nicolson

Ken always made you feel like you were the only person in the room when he spoke to you, such was his interest and focus. A 'larger than life' person with a great sense of humour. If I had to sum Ken up with one word it would be 'inspirational'. Our thoughts go out to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the BDT family.James Hunt & The Bay Betta Team

Dear Maria

I am very saddened by the passing of Ken and my thoughts are with you and your family at this very difficult time. He will be fondly remembered by me as a smart intelligent man, honest, fair, sincere, bubbly, bright, and enthusiastic. As many have already described him “larger than life”. Simply a man who loved life, a wonderful outstanding man.
Maria, I saw the pleasure Ken got in constructing your new holiday home in Kaiteriteri and it was a privilege to have been part of it. I recall standing on the site on one occasion with Ken and amongst construction talk Ken spoke about certain things that you and he wanted to achieve and he said…… “Anyone that puts up with me as Maria does deserve a medal…. she is a fantastic woman”. Men seldom verbalise those thought publically and certainly not on construction sites! But it stuck in my mind how much this project meant to Ken and how much it meant to him to build this special place for you. Mostly what stuck in my mind was how much you meant to Ken. A special man, husband, father, friend, and colleague – it’s been an absolute privilege to have known him.Grant Hunt

Ken an amazing man. A privilege to have known. A man of value, honour, integrity, generosity. A true leader, inspiring with tremendous marketing flair. Adventurous and fun.
We will miss you and remember you, you have touched so many people in such a positive way. Our heart felt condolences to Maria, Vanessa and JordonPhilip Hitchins, Patton.

Ken Lilley changed my life. I cant believe he is gone. He was the most amazing and inspirational man I have met and is a true lost to this world. My sincere condolences to Maria, Vanessa & Jordan and everyone at BDT.Darren Lawson

Kens love of sport and commitment to his kids and family were the first attributes that we witnessed of this man. When talking to him you were soon aware that in life he had his 'sleeves rolled up' and was passionately involved in business. Ken lived his life full on. His radiant, dynamic, real personality will be missed. We can't imagine the chasm of grief his family are engulfed in at this time. Love and prayers is all we can offer.Kay & Darryl Maycroft

On behalf of Hamish and myself, and the Ducati Owners Club of NZ, can I extend our deepest sympathies to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, the rest of the family, friends and colleagues. The number of tributes on this page speaks volumes of Ken and the high regard in which we all held him.

Ride in Peace Ken.

Lynda BlairHamish and Lynda Blair

I was privileged to work with Ken at Melco back in the 90s, and learned so much from his magical blend of competitiveness, creativity, humour, warmth and enthusiasm. My thoughts are with Ken’s family, friends and BDT community.Carolyn Baxter

We are all shocked and saddened to learn the news. Ken was a wonderful family man. We are thinking of you Maria, Vanessa and Jordan. Kia Kaha. xxxVal, Jim, William, Jack and Jamie Clarke

I drove past the accident on Tuesday on my way back to Nelson. I am not known to your family but was upset to see later that someone had died that evening. As we drove on (there were lots of people helping at the time) I am not religious at all but on this occasion I offered up my heartfelt thoughts and love to the families who may be affected. I am not sure if this is something you need to know but seeing all the tributes to Mr Lilley gives me a sense of the great loss for many people touched by his personality.Maree

Ken was a great and dynamic person. His passing is great loss for his family and BDT. I express my condolences to Lilley family.Sanjiv

I was fortunate enough to start my appliance retail career off in Upper Hutt at the tender age of 15. Hell - on the eve of my 47th birthday that's 32 years ago. I've been in retail or associated with it ever since and the company that I have some of the fondest memories about is Melco. As the only Wellington based major supplier, when I became a Regional Manager for what was simply Noel Leeming back then, I met Ken for the first time. That was over 25 years ago. Ever since that time, whilst I mainly interacted with his team his presence was always there. I still have regular contact with several of his protégées that I am sure without his leadership would not be the successful people they are today. I got the call on Tuesday night with the horrific news of Ken's passing. Like many I contacted to inform of the news, some of which had heard but a number who had not, I was in a state of disbelieve. Whilst not involved in the majors side of the appliance industry I still feel very much part of it and share the loss with everybody Ken touched. Whilst I have not met Ken's family I feel part of the Melco / BDT family and my sympathy goes out to his immediate family and work colleagues both past and present. RIP Ken - you will be missed but your leadership and legacy will live on and continue to inspire.Craig Robertson

My sincere condolences to the Lilley family and the team at BDT. I'm deeply saddened to hear of your terrible lost. Ken was an amazing man with a heart of gold. His warm giant smile was infectious. He will be sadly missed.Wendy Haitana

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Ken's family for the loss of their beloved. My prayers are with them and is also deeply saddened by his passing.Raymond Tan - MEAP

My deepest condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan .I have been shocked and saddened to hear the news of tragic loss of Ken.He was charismatic, inspirational and a great person to do business with,. Ken, you were taken far too soon and will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
Robert Fekete ( RT Joinery Nelson )Robert & Eniko Fekete

My sincere condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, and to Ron and the family at BDT. I knew Ken through his Directorship of CityLink and like many, received his support and encouragement. His passing is a great loss.
Best wishes, RichardRichard Naylor

Shocked and saddened at the loss of Ken. Still remember Maria's smile when Ken surprised with a new car wrapped with a giant red ribbon. My deepest sympathy is with you Maria and your family.Ken Archer, Parkes, NSW, Aust

Saddened to hear this terrible news!
My sincere condolences to his family.Bryce Strong

My deepest condolences to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the extended Lilley family. I was shocked and saddened to hear of he tragic loss of Ken. He was a larger the life character and I know that he will be greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues and the wider community.Hilary Johnson (former employee of BDT)

I have been shocked and saddened to hear the news of Ken’s passing. He was an inspirational person to do business with, a great communicator and a true gentleman.Tony Karsten

I bought a motorcycle from Ken a few years ago. Even though I did not meet him personally I was much saddened to hear about his death. Condolences to his family and friends.Winton Lulham (IMOC)

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan my thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time.
Ken was an inspirational leader caring and generous he made us all feel special. I treasure the many wonderful memories I have of my Melco days and feel priviledged to have worked with him and been part of his team.
Ken, you were taken far too soon and will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
Marilyn Ward (ex Melco Christchurch)Marilyn Ward

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan. I can't begin to say how sorry I am to get the gut wrenching news about Ken. He has been a great mate since school and have enjoyed riding many highways with him. A great guy with a heart of gold. Our prayers go out to you with our love.Chris and Debbie Falla

Maria and family it saddens me to hear of this tragic accident. Ken was a true gentleman and a larger than life character and it was a privilege to know him. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.Pat McLoughlin

To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan,
It’s a tribute to Ken, that in the years since leaving Melco many of us have endeavoured to re- create that family culture that we first became a part of - and Ken was instrumental in creating - at Melco. Thank you Maria, Vanessa and Jordan for always so generously sharing your Husband, Dad and home with us all - the meetings and BBQ's - together with Ken - you made us all feel so welcome and that we all belonged to the Melco family.
Ken had only one rule: Be your wild, courageous brilliant self every single day not matter what. It's that the truth.
Thank you for sharing Ken with the Melco family over the past 30 years, we are all richer for it.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and every day.
Arohanui Jill and Craig and familyJill Cory and Craig Brownie

The world suddenly felt empty on Tuesday night. Words cannot express my thoughts for all of Ken's nearest & dearest. I was lucky to know him...a little - he, as a client, brought joy to the role that I do inasmuch as he was enjoyable to deal with, intelligent, clever and very entertaining; he had my respect & I liked him enormously. We shared a love of dogs and shared photos, and sometimes walks on the river. It was an honour to know him. For all of you that held him close - I send you great strength & courage in facing & enduring youir loss. Take care xJude Taylor (Haase)

To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, and the BDT family.
Ken was, and always will be, the man that gave me a chance to succeed at the role I applied for with BDT. And I will will never forget him for it.
I learned what it means to be an individual in business rather than just another rep.
And I also thought of BDT as my extended family, rather than just another company, because of what Ken ingrained into us all. He believed so passionately that BDT is a family, and not just another company to make numbers of its staff.
I wish that I could be in Wellington to say my farewells to Ken when the time comes. But I will be thinking of everyone, and also thinking of the brilliant times I did get to spend with the man himself.Chris & Erin Topp

My greatly respected friend ,and business competitor for many years, made me lift my game to levels I would not have done ,without trying to match the levels that Ken set for the industry.

I thank him for this and his open friendship.

My love and thoughts are with Ken's Family, the Diamond Team, and the years gone by , Mitsi Team, who under Ken's guidance,set the foundation for the industry to perform to.Ken Rayward

Our hearts go out to Maria and family over this saddened loss. From Debbie's and myself first meeting with Maria and Ken in the early days of New Life in ChCh to last Christmas at Kaiteriteri and also our games of footy, ( married men against Youngies) Ken didn't seem to change much at all which I think is a credit to both of you. I know when we think of our Christmas holidays there, there is and will always be a happy memory. For me he always left with a smile and never a sad face. He IS a very special person.
Our Hearts, Our Hugs and our Prayers go out to you all and know that the Dutch flag is flying at half mast at Little Holland. God Bless!!Stewart Family ChCh and Little Holland in Kaiteriteri

Our sincere condolences to Maria Vanessa and Jordon, Ken was one of the best mates I had.
“Maate what’s happening do you want beer” was his opening line when you got in the door. We had had some awesome rides together, and on more than one occasion had to pinch his wallet to prevent him from buying a new bike, or don’t tell Maria but I have ordered a new whatever. On the odd occasion I would get a phone call “Pete I have an emergency” like his mate was booked on the ferry and the bike wouldn’t start or I’ve sold the sidecar but backed it into the garage pillar can you fix it. In return he would sneakily fill my tank at gas stops or pay for lunch. He helped me in so many ways.
Ride on “big Boy”Peter B

This is the most painful and saddest notice.
I still cannot believe and accept as real.
Ken taught me many things, and always gave us courage.
I won't forget Ken's smile, hospitality and charismatic character.
Not only as the working partner, I really like Ken's personality.
I always respect Ken and he is my ideal person.
We lost our great leader, but we will move forward to the future that
you showed us.
I will miss Ken so much.
May you rest in peace.

Toshiyuki Iizuka
Refrigerator Marketing Department
MitsubisiElectricCorporationToshiyuki Iizuka

The tragic loss of a great man!You were always so positive & introduced me to Asian Travel in the Industry (first Trip to mainland China), such a wonderful host and ambassador for not only our Industry but our Country & the people of our nation.The deep respect you commanded from your committed BDT Team & your competitors & customers alike will probably not be replicated in my time. You have been taken too soon mate & I cannot begin to understand what your poor family will be going through.
You will never be forgotten & will live on in many of us & we will always speak of you & about you.Your legacy will live on.
Maria,Vanessa & Jordan whilst I did not know you take some comfort in knowing that your Husband & father was a truly great Human being.
My heart felt condolances to Daryl, Kate & the rest of the BDT Team that I know were inspired everyday by the positive & insightful leadership style that Ken possessed.

The World is a poorer place without people like Ken Lilley in it.

Mark BaillieMark Baillie

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. We have very fond memories of Ken from our trips to Africa and New York he was an inspiration and will be sadly missed;Phillipa and Gerry Pink

A great leader with a huge heart, lovely smile and great sense of humour. I am going to miss your infectious personality at BDT.
Nga mihi ki a koe, e te rangatira Ken.
I nga mate ... haere ... haere ... haere ...
Moe mai, moe mai ... moe moe ra
Arohanui....EileenEileen Leask - BDT staff

So sad and shocked to hear the news of Ken's tragic accident. It always happens to the good guys.
I occasionally heard from Ken and whilst I departed Melco 20 years ago, the conversations were like it were just yesterday. A great man, he will me missed by all, God speed.David Harley - 1st employee of Mitsubishi Electric NZ

Maria, Vanessa, Jordan - so sad to hear the news of your dear man and dad and our hearts go out to you. Ron, likewise - such a terrible loss of a trusted longstanding partner and true friend.

Ken - a truly inspiring, genuine man. You could:

* motivate a team with that great booming voice till chills ran down spines
* strike a deal for a serious amount of stuff with the toughest of dealers
* play a recreational game like it was the deciding final in the NBL
* do something spontaneously daft like bog a Pajero in a dam
* confidently karaoke as if you could actually sing
* hang out till all hours yet still look refreshed
* welcome anyone you met again with the heart and expression of a long-lost friend
* chat individually with people in a way which left them feeling like they were seriously important on this planet
* think studiously yet creatively about your business in ways that vaulted success

.... and then do pretty much the same tomorrow.

Your engaging personality and humanity have always inspired and impacted positively on others, and always will.Pete Monk, Shelley Hancox and AJ, Stevie and Zoe Hancox-Monk

Ken's enthusiasm for life, gregarious nature, and generosity of spirit, will be sorely missed by his legion of motorcycle compadres. We feel the loss deeply and our heart goes out to Maria and the family.Ray Labone

What a tragic loss, my thoughts and love to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan & Cash. I will never forget Ken's generosity & attitude towards others. The loss of such a great man is unreal. I'll always think of Ken when Fleetwood Mac is playing loud! Just as it always was in Kaiteriteri.

Lots of Love, JasonJason Williams

Our sincerest love and prayers for Maria, Vanessa & Jordan on the loss of such an awesome Husband & Dad. We have been truly blessed by Ken and Maria over all the years that we've known you both. Ken was a special, talented and unique man - a born leader who gave many (us included) great inspiration and opportunities in life.

Your cheeky comments, big smile, and even bigger heart will be sadly missed.Matt and Éva Grindlay

Maria and family
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Kens passing- such a fun loving guy with a larger than life personality. Although we only met you all this time last year in Kaiteriteri , it feels like much longer. We will enjoy the fun memories - particularly this years, New Years MASH party and of course Kens Annual Poker evening!
Maria, Jordan and Vanessa we are truly sorry for your loss and thinking of you all.Bruce and Sue Maetzig

Ken was an awesome character! He was an amazing boss and one of the most genuine and charismatic guys I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I was socked and saddened to hear of his tragic death. My heart goes out to the Lilley Family, BDT, and everyone who's lives he has touched.Michael Denton

I got to know Ken through our MBA course. He was a great guy, and it was hard not to become fond of him. Through his natural charisma he soon become our course rep, and did everything he could to make people feel valued and included. I haven't seen Ken for a number of years, but will miss him. Both Sarah and I would like to pass on our condolence's to Maria and family.
Dean BurkeDean Burke

All my love and thoughts are with everyone at this sad time.
Ken was an inspirational person that lived life to the full, while always having time to laugh and a catch up with the people around him. I enjoyed working with Ken and I know Ken will be sorely missed at BDT but he leaves behind an amazing legacy in BDT!.
God bless to the whole Lilley family my prayers are with you!Michael Long

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news. My hearfelt sympathies go to Maria and family. I hadn't known Ken that long but he made you feel like we had known each other for years. Definitely one of the good guys taken before his time. His business ethics and integrity shone out and he will be greatly missed.Alisdair Daines

I feel very fortunate to have had my life enriched by being a part of Kens world for nearly 20 years. I will miss your presence: talking to you - talking about you. Love Fi.
To Maria and family - I am deeply sorry for your loss. Kia Kaha.Fiona Anderson

Ken, it was a privilege to have met you and remarkable to come across someone with the same passion for marketing as my wife! Thank you for the amazing support and opportunities you have given Nicole over the years mentoring and guiding her from University student to your Marketing Manager. Your on-going generosity allowing me to share those experiences with her on work trips in the USA and various events as part of the greater BDT family will always be remembered and appreciated. You are an exemplary role model for any aspiring business person such as me of what can be achieved with enthusiasm, dedication and a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. Your charisma, ability to motivate and captivate a room will forever leave a lasting impression on me. My deepest sympathies go to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, Cash and the BDT family.Luke Williams- husband of Nicole Williams, Marketing Manager BDT

Hi Maria and family, I can not tell you how devastated I am to hear of Ken's passing Please know you are all in my prayers at this sad time
.I was Chris Falla's wife and Ken and I have known each other since before I knew Chris in fact Kend I we went out together for a few weeks in our younger years. I wish I could say something that would help you, but I cant think of a thing. Ken was a wonderful caring human being and will be sadly missed always.All my Love LindaLinda Bateman (Falla

I only saw you on Friday and I can't comprehend what has just happened. I'm shocked and numb to have lost such a loyal friend.Our heart goes out to you Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and family.. He was truly a wonderful man. He loved and was all. We will miss him dearly.Nick and Robyn Beukenholdt

Ken was a great leader and true gentlemen who demanded respect. Our thoughts and love go out to Kens family and the family at BDT.
ArohanuiTeam From Smart Energy Solutions

It doesn't seem possible that someone who was always so alive can be gone. Such a huge and terrible shock. we were reminising last night about his time coaching your basketball team in 6th form - He had such a big career and still found the time to do that, what an awesome dad! Hoping that the huge amounts of support are of some comfort to you Maria, Vanessa and Jordan. xRhiannon Beavan

Such a sad loss,I cant believe he is gone, thinking of all the family left behindBarry New

My deepest condolences to Mr.Ken's family and BDT members. I was shocked to hear this sad news. I know Mr.Ken for about 14 years since I entered to MCP and started my first business trip to New Zealand. I could notice at that time, his personality was not fascinated only by colleages but also in personal life. His smile and all best memories will be kept in the deep of my heart, you will be missed. Rest in Peace Mr.Ken - From Jittima (MCP)

Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of Mr.Ken. Even I met him only two times, I can feel he is touchable, friendly, kindness. I can remember his smiling which filled in sincerity. Rest in peace Mr.Ken - From Wanwipha (MCP)Jittima&Wanwipha (MCP Marketing)

To Marie and family, my sincere condolences for your personal loss. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through but can say that the Family at BDT will be with you every step of the way and beyond in years to come to help ease your pain.
Ken was a very fine man and achieved so much in his life in business and family. A balance that displayed natural leadership, Commitment and direction to all those that were privileged to know him.
To all the staff at BDT our sincere sympathy and understanding of your emptiness at this time. You all are such fantastic staff and individuals of amazing talents and i know that you will never forget Ken and will remember him every day in your own way.
And finally to ken Thank you for your life and the times that i was privileged to enjoy with you and those around you. God Bless you and Keep you.Barry Smith

Deeply saddened by the news of Ken's accident. We both wish we could be back in NZ to be with you all. Ken was one of lifes great characters, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Condolences to Maria, Vanessa and Jordon, wider family and friends.Mike and Jono Ryan

Kind thoughts to Ken's family and friends. I first met Ken through work in the 90s and later discovered he was an avid motorcyclist like me. We often met up over coffees when on weekend rides in the Wairarapa. I'll miss not seeing his big welcoming smile as he relaxes out front of Medici Cafe, Martinborough. His smile was genuine and warm like his personality. Rest in peace Ken.Mark Dunn

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan...I could not believe what I was reading in today's paper about Ken's passing, Ken was an amazing person and a fantastic leader, He always had the right words to say and nothing was too much for him...truly we have lost a great man today but am grateful for the legacy he has left and the huge number of lives he has touched.
Ken Lilley you will be greatly heart and prayers are with your family and the staff at BDT... Boon Tan ( ex BDT staff )Boon Tan

Hi Maria and family,
this is a huge shock to everyone and he will be greatly missed by all of us at MOTOMART, he was more than a customer to us, he was a friend.
please let me know if there is anything at all you need a hand with, be it now or in the future and we will be more than happy to help.todd crighton

Its been an absolute pleasure getting to know Ken and Maria during the Kaiteriteri guest home build. You simply don't come across people like Ken very often in life or business. He was a remarkable client whose presence will be very sadly missed. His love of life, of family, and his spirit of adventure was extremely contagious. Ken's unwavering belief in others left you feeling like you could conquer the world. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Maria and their children, close family, personal friends and work colleagues who will be struggling to make sense of such a huge loss. With fondest regards and best wishes from Jonny & Lauren and all the lads at J Lewis Building.Lauren & Jonny Lewis

What sad news , this was a Guy who always had a smile on and never a bad word said, and always had time to talk.Richard Moon

I had the good fortune to work and travel with Ken, a super man.

My thoughts go out to Ken`s family and work mates..Jeremy Biggs

Kua hinga he Totara I te wao nui a Tane
Maria, Jordy and Vanessa, a truly sad sad time for you and as we and all that had the privilege of knowing your father and loving husband. We are just devastated,
Ken, you touched the essence of life and opened your heart to all, you changed lives not just those at Melco but many before. We were the lucky ones that worked and played with you, we grew up and left, leaving behind wonderful memories that are burnt into our hearts and minds. Tears have flown but we have laughed too recalling our precious times together.
A tractor has at last been bogged mate, as only you would say…”take care”…
Love Grant (Kilbs) Cathryn, Samuel and Matthew KilbyGrant and Cathryn Kilby

Our love to you all for the sudden loss of your beloved Ken. We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of his passing. It is of some comfort to know that he was out there surrounded by nature and doing what he loved.

Rarangi maunga, tu tonu, tu tonu.
Rarangi tangata, ngaro noa, ngaro noa.

You have gone
But your mountain
Is everlasting

(Though people die, mountains remain and all is not lost)The Hutchings Clan - Gold Coast, Australia - Grant, Marian, Sharne, Amber, Luke & Jacob

The sheer volume of these messages together with the unity of heartfelt warmth are a true sign of what an amazing person Ken genuinely was. He touched everyone he met in a positive manner and we are all better for having known him. To all of the Lilley family, my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. To all of his extended BDT family, you did him proud - I'm sure his legacy will live on with each of you. RIP KenCliff Carr - Breville

I started a journey with you back in 1999 nearly fourteen years ago when I joined BDT and no where in the rules did it say it had to finish I was so much looking forward to the next fourteen years!

Ken you are one of the few people that have left a ever lasting impression on my life not only in my business life but also in my personal life you gave me opportunities and experiences that I would have never had if our paths had not crossed and for this I am forever thankful.I have never meet a person quite like you who pocessed all the positive qualities that you had.

There is just not enough words available to me to explain how I feel expect to say I am going to miss you Ken.

Maria,Vanessa and Jordan I am deeply sorry for your sudden loss and my thoughts are with you all

Darryl RochesterDarryl Rochester

Dear Lilley Family, we wish to offer our deepest condolences for your great loss. Ken was a great man whom no one can replace. We had the honour and pleasure to know him and have the greatest respect for his knowledge and determination. He made a great contribution to Mitsubishi Electric's operations. We will miss working him and his generosity. With deepest sympathy, Kotaro Yamanaka, General Manager of Global Planning & Administration Div., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (former Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Australia)Kotaro Yamanaka

Devastated to read of your tragic loss in todays paper. Met Ken and Maria on a MotoMart trip to 2011 Phillip Island MotoGP, what a fantastic couple, and Ken what an engaging personality, you will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with you Maria and family.Ewen Flett

To Ken's Family, Ron Woodrow and the BDT team, my deepest condolences at this very sad time. I have very fond memories of my days at Melco and feel very privileged to have worked with such a charismatic, enthusiastic and passionate leader who created a very unique culture - RIP Ken, my thoughts are with your family.Anthony Gibbs

My thoughts and prayers are with the Lilley family and the BDT team at this very sad time.
Ken you touched the lives of so many people and will never be forgotten, it was a privilege to have known you.
"In each moment of your sorrow, may love be the miracle that whispers to your heart a song of hope:.Bridget Hutchison (Freeheat 2007 / Hometech)

Maria, Vanessa, Jordan & the Lilley family my heart goes out to you at this very trying time!!.. We all know how much Ken loved his family & how proud he was of each and everyone of you!!
Ken really was a one in a million man!! I feel extremely blessed to have had Ken in my life for the time that he was!!.. He always was there to offer his support & believe in you when you didn’t even believe in yourself!..
Kens personal family approach has made BDT what it is today and that’s a huge family not just a work place. Ken was more than just your boss he was your friend, your support & your motivator.
I will never forget the first day I meet Ken I was only a young girl coming to BDT for my second interview & I see this tall, boisterous, larger than life man coming down the stairs, straight away I was extremely nervous but as soon as he smiled and said follow me girl I felt at ease. Once we were up in the board room the hard questions started coming then there was the BIG question why did you leave school so young? I then thought to myself here I am no experience no qualifications there’s the job out the window!! Once Ken heard my response he smiled put his hand out & said you have some spunk girl you’re hired. Ken took a chance on me when most people wouldn’t have & I will be forever grateful for the opportunities & doors he has opened for me!
From that day on Ken has always made it clear his door is always open & has been there to enjoy the good times & prop you up through the bad. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today or where I am today for that matter without the belief & help form Ken!!..
I looked forward to Ken bursting through the reception doors in the mornings to collect what he liked to call his “FAN MAIL” & hear his little stories he loved to tell!!..
Being in the office yesterday was an extremely hard day not hearing his bellowing voice & as Sarah said all his little quirks that made Ken “Ken” like his ”RIGHT” followed by his clap!!
I know I can speak for Annette when I say we are actually going to miss having to reschedule your flights that you always promised you would stick to & then have a last minute change of plans, or help you decide between Green Chicken Curry or the Malaysian Platter.
Ken – You touched so many peoples lives by just being who you are!! BDT has a huge piece of it missing!! You encouraged, mentored, & believed in everyone around you!! You truly were the heart and soul of BDT we are all going to deeply miss YOU!! your charm & charismatic ways!!.. You will never be forgotten!!

Maria, Vanessa, Jordan & the Lilley family, As Ken made us all feel as though we were apart of a huge family, Please know we are all thinking of you & will always be here XxxxAshlee Freeman

Maria and family,
Our hearts are broken over the loss of Ken and this terrible tragedy that has happened to your beautiful family....
We will always be here for you. Arohanui.

Ken. Good bye sweet Man!Jane and Rod

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, our deepest sympathies for the tragic loss of your husband and father. An amazing man that will never be forgotten. His voice and smile are etched permanently in the minds of many thousands of people that witnessed his personality. We're privileged to know him, thank you for sharing.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.Andrew and Philippa vB

Probably the most dynamic person I've ever known, you will be sorely missed by us all. My heart goes out to Ken's family, the BDT family and Ron who have been left with a gaping chasm in their personal and business lives.I hope the passage of time and the comfort and support of friends and colleagues will somehow make this tragic loss bearable. Let us all remember him with the smile he brought to all our lives.Bob Hague

very sad to here such sad news,all the staff here are thinking of you all.contract logistics christchurch

To Maria, Vanessa, Jordon, the extended Lilley family and the staff at BDT. May we offer our sincere condolances and thoughts to you all at this very sad time. We were shocked and sadended to hear of Ken's sudden passing. Ken was certainly larger than life and has last left a lasting impression on all he worked and played with. He will be remembered and missed by so many for a very long time.Andy & Katrina Easton

What a shock and a great loss to lose such a positive and innovative man. Ken was a hugely influential person in the appliance industry for so many years, and great fun to be around. You never heard Ken say a bad word about anyone. Our thoughts go out to you Maria in this difficult time. Ken - we will all miss you.Kay & Nigel Merrett

My sincere condolences to the Lilley family and all the staff at BDT. Ken was a great leader and a very charismatic figure within our industry.Vaughan Fitzgerald (Former BDT employee)

It's so hard to believe that someone whose personality was so big it could fill up a room could be taken so quickly. I have never met anyone else with so much charisma and I'm not sure that I ever will again. One of the things that made Ken so unique was his ability to make others feel important just by giving them his attention. While it feels like he was stolen too soon, some comfort can be taken in the fact that Ken accomplished more, had more fun, and positively affected more people in his relatively short life than most would be able to do in several lifetimes. Sincerest condolences to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, and Cash.Rebecca King

Very saddened to hear of such a tragic loss. My sincere condolences to Ken's family and all at BDT.Jackie Hatchwell - ex Melco

Daddy Kenneth - Our Inspiration, our Leader, our councillor, a humble and generous man with so much wisdom and such a caring heart for all of his BDT kids.

I will never forget our business trips to Japan, especially the time when we were walking through Tokyo Station and he said "Em, i think i know why people are staring at us" why Ken? "I think they think i am Vin Diesel!" Oh Yes Ken, spitting image!

I particularly enjoyed witnessing all of his clumsy moments too. He had a thing about leaning back on chairs, tripping up when walking (up and down stairs), driving to customer appointments with the back boot of his car open, it wasn't until we reached the motorway from our office that we realised the boot was open. I just thought the Range Rover had exceptionally good aircon!

I loved his competitive spirit (although you had to remind him constantly, its just a game Ken! gees). I also enjoyed listening to his tips on staying youthful and young.

Ken - i have so much to thank you for. You moulded me into the business women i am today. You walked me through the most challenging times in my life. My heart aches but i know you are with the angels and at peace. You will always have a place in my heart...

Marie, Ness, Jordan, Family & friends - praying for strength and comfort xxEmma Hutchinson

To Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and our BDT family,
We are filled with shock and sorrow over the very sad loss of Ken - we extend our sincere sympathies to you. Ken was a inspirational leader, overflowing with energy and contagious industry icon that will be deeply missed by us all.Peter, Nikki, Bryce & the Appliance Connexion team.

BDT has always assisted us in absolutely everyway possible which is an ethos Ken drove from the top down. Very sad news indeed.Graeme Thorne

Dear Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, & other family Members,
Our hearts go out to you for your tragic loss. A fantastic, true Giant of a man, has suddenly left this world. Our Christmas parties will never be the same.
Much Love & Condolences from The Team @ Vein & Skin Clinic ; Henryk, Bernadette, Marie, Juanita, Margaret, Kellie, Julanne, Victoria, Lorraine, Caroline, Chrissie & Ari.The Team @ Vein & Skin Clinic

Ken you were an awesome competitor and a great man. In all the years that we worked in New Zealand there was never a bad word and meeting you after not seeing you for some time was easy and gentle. Our industry lost a stunning gentleman and a character who always looked ahead and had a 'I might know a little more than you think' twinkle in his eye. It was a pleasure to have known you. My outlook will be a little dimmer knowing that meeting you again is not just around the corner. My thoughts are with your family.Pat Verryt

Like everybody we were shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible news. Our thoughts go out to Ken's family, friends and the BDT team at this difficult time.
Marty, Graeme and the team at AMT Mechanical ServicesMarty Abercrombie

(R) ide (I) n (P) eace

FriendAnnemarie Thompson

My most sincere condolences go out to Ken's family and the whole BDT Team. He was an amazing man and a true gentleman of the industry. I felt very privileged to have known him, learnt from him and shared the occasional beer and joke. We will miss you. All my heartfelt wishes and prayers are with you and your family.Mark Robinson

Ken, you were a true gentleman and prankster and I enjoyed our trips overseas and working together. You will be missed by everyone who knew you and I know we all are better for having known you.

Francis File ex Buyer FarmersFrancis File

Ken was a truley great man that I had the privilege of spending time with. I thank you and will never forget the many laughs and great advice you gave. Ken was an inspiration to all those who knew him and was never too busy to give his time.

A larger and louder than life character with a heart of a lion who will never be forgotten.
My condolences to the lilley family and the BDT team his other family.

Andrew (Drew) CraigAndrew ( Drew ) Craig

The world has lost a great leader who will be forever remembered and missed.

Ken - I will always feel lucky and privileged to have known you and to have learnt such much from you. Thank you for taking a chance on me and believing in me, even when I didn’t. Thank you for always listening, always caring and always saying exactly the right thing. Like so many, I owe you so much. I couldn’t have hoped for a better teacher, mentor and inspiration. You will always be my hero. It will be a long time before I stop expecting you to bowl into my office exclaiming you’ve had a new idea for an ad!

Maria, Vanessa, Jordan & Cash – thank you for sharing Ken with us. Ken changed so many people’s lives for the better and will forever be an example on how to do life right. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Nicole Williams

My sincere condolences to Ken's family, friends and colleagues. I only knew Ken for a handful of years but I am deeply saddened by his passing and will miss his positive, supportive outlook.
Sadness, support and condolences also from all the other members of the team at Wares magazine, for whom Ken was a long term friend and supporter.Steve Bohling, Wares magazine

To Maria , Vanessa , & Jordan & the rest of ken,s family ,
Our Condolences to you all on your sad lose , Ken was a great guy and always had time for everybody ,He was one of a kind and I know working with him was a pleasure and taking to him last week when we were in NZ he was full of life and thats how we will remember him , My heart goes out to you all on your sad lose

Lots of love

Neville & LizzieLiz Carmichael

Ken, you will remain hugely respected in the appliance industry and your contribution will not be lost. Straight, honest, passionate, wise. Your wonderful 'presence' will be sorely missed at this year's Wares Awards. RIP.Merv Robertson

We were deeply shocked to read this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken's family, friends and work associates.Taranaki Refrigeration Ltd

To Ken's direct family members I send my deepest condolences. Sympathy to Ken's mother, father & the rest of his wider family & friends.
I have known Ken for over 40 years & his passing will be felt by many.
I am truly saddened by the loss of a dear friend.

Sympathy to all,

Love, Robin Atchison.Robin Atchison

I had only met Ken in the last month at a very enjoyable client lunch in Wellington. He made an immediate impression of being someone full of energy, generosity and fun. It was obvious that he was a guy who brightened any room he enetered and lived life to the full. I feel like we've been robbed of a new friend. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues within BDT and its network.Phil Clemas

The world has seemed a much smaller & sadder place the last few days knowing that Ken is not somewhere filling it with light and laughter.

Although I only knew him briefly it was clear how special he was. I have never met a person so full of life and I have never known someone to bring so much energy and enthusiasm into everything they do. Ken touched so many lives and I am glad to be counted among them. I will cherish my memories of our time together in Kaiteriteri forever. I will always remember his incredible generosity and warmth towards everyone we met during our visit.

Ken was an inspiration as a businessman, as a friend and as a human being. I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that, although his time was cut tragically short, he still managed to bring so much joy to so many people. Our thoughts and many tears are with you all,Ben and Georgie

I got to work with Ken in his role as a Director of Citylink, the Wgtn fibre provider. He was really great to work with; business smart, knowledgable, decisive. Mostly he was just a really personable person and interested in everything. My sincere condolances to all the family and to his BDT work colleagues. Regards Neil.Neil de Wit

Special condolences to all family and staff at BDT at this very sad time. Ken was always fun to be around and was a very fun, freindly and charasmatic leader who will be sadly missed in our industry. Our sincere thoughts are with you all from the team at Active Refrigeration.Craig Duff

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordon. I am so so sorry for your loss of one of the biggest, brighter than life guys I have ever meet. I have dealt with Ken on many occasions with in the bike world. I worked at Motorad for 5 1/2 years and you could always here Ken coming from a mile away. Ken always had kind words and loved my work behind the counter and on the floor. My last dealings in Motorad with Ken and yourself was setting those helmets up for your morocco trip and making sure all was working before you, Ken and the crew headed off on your adventure. I was so saddend when I heard that such a great guy and my friend had died, no words can explain how greatly he will be missed by all. Take care of you all and know that you have this great Man/Husband/father and friend in your heart forever. XxxxxAnnemarie Thompson

Dear Maria, Vanessa & Jordon
We are deeply sorry to hear the loss of your beloved Ken and I understand this is a difficult time for you to accept. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family during this difficult period.
A boss creates fear, a leader gives confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. So we (BDT) are going to miss a great leader.
May his soul rest in peace.
Nagu & ShirleyNagu & Shirley

We have lost our best adventure riding buddie. Rest easy "Big Boy" . So sorry Maria, Vanesa, Jordan and Cash. K&C xxxxxKim & Craig Thompson

To the Lilley Family,
Very sad to hear the news of Kens passing. He was a great man. When Ken spoke everybody listened. He will be missed. My thoughts are with you.
Rob Goodman (Hometechnova)Rob Goodman

Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Lilley family, friends and the entire BDT Team on your tragic loss of a fine man.

Our thoughts are with you,

Management and Staff of Arnold Jensen Electrical Ltd, Christchurch.Lawrence Chicksen

Dear Maria & Family. We are saddened to hear of the tragic loss of Ken. He was an amazing man and great fun to be with. I will always remember the BDT Melbourne trip, the cocktails at Draculas and more recently the after product launch party at Hamilton.
Stay strong and treasure the memories of a wonderful person. Rest in peace Ken.Greg Amos (Whangamata Refrigeration)

Our sincere condolences to Kens family. In the entire 48 years of my working life I have never met such charismatic person, who made working for BDT a real pleasure, never a bad word, always plenty of encouragement. Ken will be sorely missed by all who knew him. RIP Ken.Terry & Lyn Faulkner

Special thoughts at this time on hearing the sad news about Ken.
A tragic loss, but he will always remain an inspiration in my head and heart.
Words don’t really cut it, but my condolences to all at BDT, Maria and family.
Alan Johnson (ex Melco/BDT)Alan Johnson

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, Sarah, Kate and I wanted to pass on our personal condolences at the death of Ken.

Maria, you particularly know how far we all go back - to 1986 when Ken started out with Melco.

Over those years we have had great times professionally and personally - Ken bouncing into Noel Leemings in Colombo St the morning after Jordan was born, Sarah and I being "outed" at the Auckland Koru (when we learned Ken actually could keep a secret) , having spaghetti served out of a saucepan, Wellington races, WOW, great pre-Xmas dinners to name a few of many.

And of course we worked together to see our companies come through the Smiths receivership and Melco losing TV and video as better stronger entities.

As a family we feel like we have been kicked in the guts by the world's largest mule and can't imagine your own senses of loss.

Our hearts are sincerely with you.Sarah, Kate and Rick Hellings

On behalf of all the staff at Daikin NZ we offer our sincere condolences to Kens Family in what is an immensely sad and difficult time. Our thoughts are with you all.Mike Meekings

To Maria, Jordan, Vanessa, Ken's extended family and all at BDT - it goes without saying that we send you our condolences and best wishes at this terrible time. To be frank we are all in shock and feeling numb.

Ken was a great man who got on with everyone. Whilst always excelling as a businessman it is as a family man and friend that he will be best remembered by everyone at Smiths City. By myself and Marty in particular.Rick Hellings and the team at Smiths City

Shocked and saddened to to hear of the loss of Ken, he was always friendly and open to discussion and very competitive ! A genuine "Good Guy"René Kunz

We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. We will remember Ken as the vibrant, energetic man who enjoyed his days to the fullest. May his memory inspire all of us to experience a life worth living.Bob and Susan Rosenberg

Condolences to Kens family and business asssociates from myself and staff at Spectrum Panel & Paint Motueka. Sad loss to you all you are all in our thoughts. Gary Barrow and Team....Gary Barrow Spectrum Panel & Paint Motueka

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan - I miss him so much and so can only imagine how you must be suffering. Being at the office yesterday was not the same and I keep thinking about all the the things I will miss about him. Unlike many other companies, Ken was not some untouchable MD, his door was always open - over the years he has provided huge support to me through crises both professional and personal. Yesterday I felt his absence in a thousand different ways. I will miss constantly having to hunt for my stapler and other stationery which he would procure if I was away from my desk for even a minute. I will miss being regularly startled at my desk by his loud exclamations of self encouragement as he walked past ("RIGHT! LET'S GO!" followed by clapping of hands). I will miss him coming in to my office on Fridays with his gin and a bag of plain chippies (I will also miss his reactions to finding there are NO plain chippies to be had). I would give anything to call a meeting and after waiting 10 minutes go searching for him and have to physically escort him to to boardroom so he wouldn't wander off again. I don't know who now will be responsible for the transition of a few "quiets" into a total fiasco by producing a tray of tequila shots which everyone except Ken was somehow forced to drink, leaving us in much worse shape than Ken :-) I will miss his robust defences of any criticism to his shirt selections. I will miss having to run to meet the final boarding call for our flight because we had to stop for coffee. But most of all I don't know how I'm going to walk into my office every day and not have a smiling Ken calling out "How you doing smiley? Are we all good troopies?". Ken allowed me to grow and gave me the freedom to undertake my job with absolute confidence and trust. Ken was the soul of BDT on a daily basis and as well as losing him as a leader, I feel like I have lost my friend.
My heart goes out to you, I am thinking of you constantly.
Ken - you are one of the best men I ever knew and I feel proud and privileged to have known you. xxxSarah Ellison

From all the Team and me personally we are all in shock at the tragic and untimely loss of Ken... Ken will always be unforgettable, he added value to every occasion and was one of the true gentleman of the business world.. We all wish to pass on our deepest condolences to his family, friends and work mates..

We are sure the Angels guide him on his journey..Jason Tether - Videopro

The news of Ken’s death has been devastating for both Di and I. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan and the rest of Ken’s family.

Ken was larger than life, and lived every moment to the fullest. For Di and I, we will cherish the many special moments we had with Ken & Maria on the many BDT trips and for me personally I will cherish the night that I was able to entertain Ken, Darryl and Jeremy at Vector Arena for the Breakers v Perth Wildcats game on 1st February 2013, won significantly by the Breakers.

Ken, I know you will be watching over the Breakers on Sunday afternoon at Vector Arena and both Di and I are the privileged ones to have you enter our lives and leave us with very special moments to cherish.

Rest in peace Ken, we will all miss you.

Love Di & Martin Simmons
xxxxxDi & Martin Simmons

On behalf of all of the Wedgewood USA destination management team and our colleagues at Wedgewood Spain, please accept our sincere and deepest condolences on the loss of Ken Lilley. We had the pleasure of meeting Ken and his wife as part of the BDT event to New York in August 2012 and remember him for his professional respect of our staff and our business. Despite such a short period of time in which we shared the company of Ken and Maria, we established a very genuine business friendship with them and remember Ken's contribution to our event for BDT with great fondness and huge thanks. We can only imagine the immense sense of loss at this time and we assure you of our ongoing thoughts and prayers for the family and friends left behind.PAUL SALMON - Wedgewood USA - New York, USA

To dear Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, Ron, Darryl, Nicole and the wider BDT family. Words cannot adequately express how we felt on hearing the news of the tragic loss of the unique and special character we all knew in Ken. Ken was the epitome of the X-factor that he looked for and so loved in others. His energy, humour, vision and passion for life were infectious, and there is no doubt his passing will leave a massive void. We feel genuinely priveleged to have shared Ken's journey, and worked with him in helping to build the BDT brand over the last few years, and will continue his vision working with the amazing team he leaves behind as his legacy at BDT. Although he has been tragically taken from this life far too early, he packed in more than most ever will, and his glass was not only always half full, but mostly overflowing. Life should not be measured by the number of breaths you took, but rather by the number that took your breath away - and for Ken there was no shortage of those. Make sure Ken that as you slide that Range Rover Cloud of yours into the final parking spot you've been allocated, you've got that auto-park feature in overdrive! Rest in peace Ken, knowing that you leave behind an amazing legacy. May your spirit forever soar freely. Gone, but never ever forgotten. Sig & the team at Promotus.Sigrun Grice & the Promotus team

To Maria, Vanessa and Jordon, our thoughts are with you.
Our life, like so many people, is full of great stories of laughter and adventure, with Ken. He was a boss, a great friend, a mentor and someone we loved dearly. He changed our lives.
We met him at the Kaiteri boat ramp over the weekend and received one of  'Kens welcomes' - a huge smile, a booming voice, a sense that you were all that mattered at that moment.
We feel very lucky to have had him in our lives, but we miss him terribly - such a huge sadness.Andrew and Jo Allan

The Team at Heat and Cool are shocked to hear about the sad loss. Condolences to all the Lilley family and all the staff at BDT. He will be missed by all in our industry and others he had great vision and leadership.

Bill Delaney and TeamGrant Brosnan

On behalf of all of us at CCTV Solutions we offer our sincere condolences to Kens family.and the team at BDT at this sad timeRob Riches, Mike Butler and the Team at CCTV Solutions Limited

Janet and I arrived back in NZ Wednesday morning to the shock news of the death of one of life’s great guys.
Ken was a unique guy. He always had a smile and always gave his time. In recent times Ken had been a mentor to me. Ken’s talents were world class. Ken was a visionary and he see things others couldn’t. He had that confident calm manner.
Then there was the personal side and I was blessed to get to know Ken more over recent years.
He was a competitor and I remember racing him up a mountain in Peru.
I will always remember smoking cigars in New Orleans. I will always remember singing to ELO DVD’s at his so much loved holiday home.
Ken we will miss you but we will always remember you.
Thank you for enriching our life’s.
Maria Jordan and Vanessa you must be so proud of Ken.
Our hearts goes out to you.

Paul and Janet Nielsen and familyPaul and Janet Nielsen

I am greatly sorry for the sudden news as we were with him in Wellington just last March. We have learned many things from him until last meeting. It lives in our mind forever. Please accept my deepest sympathy.Hiro Mochizuki

Ken you were inspirational, achieved so much and will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to the Lilley Family and your collegues at BDT.Joseph Poff

Deeply saddened - there are very few blessed with the talent, charisma and ability to get the best from people like Ken. We grew up with Ken and wonderful fond memories of those times to this day. A great person, inspiring leader and family man who will be greatly missed by everyone whose life he touched. Our condolences and prayers to Maria and the family.Dobbelaar family

Dear Ron

It was a great shock to hear of Kens death I'm sure hard to comprehend for your team and of course Kens family
I can remember well the respect Ken had in the electronic industry I had many discussions with Ken both as a retailer and later when Divisional Manager with Philips

Please pass on my deepest condolences

Graeme Perigo and familyGraeme Perigo

There's no word to express how saddened we felt when we first heard this tragic news.
It's still unbelievable and we still feel like he's here with us...
May his soul rest in peace and I'd like to express my deepest condolence to his beloved family and BDT.
Ken was such a great guy, kind and respectful person, plus with his sense of humor which always made everyone enjoyed and happy everytimes he was there.
He will be missed and we will never forget the time he was with us...
Thank you and may him rest in peace in the land of God forever.Pawinee-KYE

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan,
Ken was always the life and soul of any event, we have encountered many special moments that will be treasured always. Thinking of you all at this very sad time.Andrew Beattie

To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. EMERSON were a big man with a big heart. You lived a big life. You changed my world in so many ways and I'm so grateful for everything you did. You inspired me in life and wil continue to inspire now you're gone.

Our deepest sympathy goes to your family and closest friends. RIPJulian Lefebvre

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan please accept our heartfelt sympathy at this sad time. Kens passing is a huge loss to you his family and to the industry, he will be sorely missed.
Our thoughts are also with Kens BDT colleagues and friends.
Kia KahaDarryl and Avalon Guy

Our sincerest condolences go out to the Lilley family and BDT family! We will cherish our memories of Ken, what a truley awesome guy he was. Our thoughts are with you.Blair & Julia Brosnan (Brosnan Refrigeration Ltd)

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, with love and respect I am so sorry for you all. Ken was such a bright star. I remember fondly my Melco days. It was my very first job out of University and we all had such fun - Fiji, The Park Royal party, the many, many parties, the fun getting that $100,000 sales - almost 20 years ago now! Ken interviewed me and hired me and guided me. I know he will leave the biggest hole in your lives that no one else can fill. One moment at a time is all you can take. My heart and blessings go out to you all. I am thinking of you all at this very hard time. Kiha KahaRyl Jensen

I worked with Ken as his PA for about a year, and he was a charasmatic, funny, and charming person. He was a strong leader, and it was an honor to work for him. He will be missed not only at his work, but also within the wider community. He had an influence on so many people....

Vanessa, Jordan and Maria, you are in my prayers and have my deepest condolences.Bethany Wickham

My thoughts are with Maria, Jordan, Vanessa, the Lilley extended family and the BDT family. Ken was one in a million taken far too soon. It is comforting to think that Ken was one who never took a day for granted and lived life to the fullest, with Ken around everyday was an adventure. I will always be grateful for the opportunities Ken gave me and everything I learnt from him, he had such an infectiously positive outlook on life, he will be missed but never forgotten. I wish I could be there to share in the memories of such a great man. Thinking of you all. Lots of love EllaElla Street - former BDT employee

I met Ken san only once.But,I don't forget his kindness.Thank you very much.Tsutomu Sekizawa

Ken-san, hey you were to come to London to have a greater time here this month; I will be waiting for you until we may meet again somewhere some place, sometime. Remember the good ole days and forever, we will be friends together. May your soul rest in peace.Yoji Saito

Rip ken. Ill always remember how kind and encouraging you were. My thoughts go out to his family and all the new and old crew at bdt XxxAnita Flannigan

Rip ken. Ill always remember how kind and encouraging you were. My thoughts go out to his family and all the new and old crew at bdt XxxAnita Flannigan

We are so saddened by this news and offer Maria, Vanessa & Jordan our deepest sympathy. To Ron and the Staff at BDT our thoughts are with you also at this very sad time. Words cannot describe our feelings when we found out about this tragic accident and alot of memories of my Melco days came flooding back along with alot of tears.
Ken was larger than life itself and I had a great deal of respect for him as well.
Ken will be sadly missed and that is an understatement but will always be in our hearts. Love Sue Garner & John AshkettleSue Garner & John Ashkette

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I knew Ken only for a short time while we studied for our MBA, but that was all it took, a great guy. All my love and thoughts.Tom Trolove

Ken, you were meant to live forever. Your larger than life persona, always friendly attitude, that cheeky grin and mischievious sparkle in your eye. We'll never forget you. Maria, Vanessa and Jordan - nothing we can say will make up for your loss but please know how sorry we are. Memories, photos, snapshots are the treasures you have that will keep the great man with you guys forever.
Our sincere sympathies. Love Monica and GeoffMonica and Geoff France

I am so very, very sorry to hear of Ken's passing. Yes, Ken was indeed a larger than life character... I will remember his broad grin and mischievous conversation for the rest of my days. Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, please accept my sincere condolences... and may our Lord comfort you during this time of great sorrow.Rob Grindlay

Ken I will miss your beaming smile and booming voice :( Maria, Vanessa, Jordan I am so sorry for your loss, words can not express the sadness we are all feeling. Big Hugs Chrissy xxxChrissy (Melco Family)

Such a great man. He certainly was one of the people that made this world a better place.
I'm so saddened by this huge loss.

My heartfelt condolences to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan, and the rest of the family.

I met Ken in 1988, and worked with him in Christchurch and Wellington. Though I've lived overseas for many years, whenever I was in town we'd catch up and retell wonderful old stories.

It's so very sad to know he's gone.

You're right, he'd want to be remembered with laughter and love... and so I'll sit back now and remember our good times, as they always bring a big smile to my face, though forever now bittersweet, the memories are ones I'm so grateful to have.

Such a loss indeed.Rachel Anning

Words can not adequately express the feelings of sadness and loss at the news of Ken's passing. He was a mentor, friend and true inspiration throughout my career at BDT. It was a privilege to have known him. We will miss you Ken.Trish & Olaf Stenzel

My sincere condolence to Ken's family , friends and all of BDT. Ken's joy of life was always so apparent , the smile, the handshake , the genuine enquiring of how the family was, I shall not forget . Thank you Ken R.I.P
Stuart Meehan Patton LtdStuart Meehan

Very sad to hear this news, it's been along time since I worked for Melco but I always remember Ken's jokes, his smile and that he always had time for everyone. R.I.P KenMichael Dodds

Still can't believe the news, still thought would hear your voice today at work, your laugh, your smile, will miss so much. Ken you were always there for others and your loss will be felt by so many. Love, thoughts and prayers to Maria, Vanessa and JordanCecilia, Dario & Lulu

Outside of being one of the best bosses I have ever worked for Ken was a friend. He was easy to talk to and made me feel like part of the BDT family even after I left the company. I will miss his larger than life personality and, lets face it, stature.. My memories of Ken will live forever.Justin Harnish

It has been a sad day to learn of the passing of Ken. Although we were competitors I enjoyed catching up at various events and always found him to be complementary and courteous. IBest wishes to the Lilley family.Grant Bacon

Deepest & genuinely heartfelt sadness xxxx It's all too touche - but greatly feeling your pain & grief!! A mighty giant felled in the prime of his life xxxxRochelle Zammit and family xxxx

Ken, I will remember you from the last time we spoke at your office. The conversation soon turned to your loves, your family, the new products that were being patented, Kaiteriteri, and of course motorcycles. You were heading to Auckland to watch basketball (the Breakers) that night and I remember thinking how joyous and happy your life was and how you loved living it. The old adage that only the good die young is never truer for you.Terry Collins EECA

Deepest & genuinely heartfelt sadness xxxx It's all too touche - but greatly feeling your pain & grief!! A mighty giant felled in the prime of his life xxxxRochelle Zammit and family xxxx

Ken, you were an amazing, motivated, honourable and loyal person. I really enjoyed all our times together. You were never to busy to take the time time to talk to everyone. My love and condolences go to those you have left behind - a huge void is left that will be impossible to fill.
Both Pete and I offer any help and support we can to your family., Maria, Vanessa and Jordan .Liz Hutson

I feel great sorrow at the news of your father's death, I would like to express my condolences to the family. Let me know if there is anythig I can do for you.
May time heal your pain. Please kindly take care !Harry Arigaya, Seiryo Technica Co. Ltd. Shizuoka, Japan

My thoughts and prayers are with Maria, Vanessa & Jordan in this most tragic time. Ken was the most approachable and admirable character and his passing will leave a great hole with so many. RIP Ken.Fiona Berry

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear last evening of the loss of Ken. Although I rarely saw Ken in recent times, whenever I did he always had the biggest smile on his face and was genuinely interested in what I was doing and how I was. Ken gave me wonderful opportunities, mentored me and taught me a lot. I will forever be grateful to him for that and I loved working for him and being part of the BDT family. My heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan . You were blessed to have him in your life- he was one of the good guys. Love to you all. Tony LennonTony Lennon

I can't imagine BDT without Ken's larger than life personality. He was a great man and I am so thankful to him for helping kickstart my career. I always felt like he had a great deal of respect for me, which gave me the confidence I needed to be who I am today. Not many bosses would listen to, and value, the opinions of a fresh grad in a marketing strategy meeting! But Ken did and I feel extremely grateful to have known him. I'll always remember the yummy muffins he'd bring us, him "giving me my Masters" for a simple menu design he really liked, staying out to the early hours with him in Queenstown, and the Japanese whiskey and sincere "You'll be missed" he gave me on my last day at BDT.

Ken touched so many lives and will be sorely missed. Just want to give my condolences to the Lilley family and let them know I'm thinking of them, and also of the BDT family at this tragic time.Charli Prangley

To Maria, Jordan, Vanessa and the entire BDT family, words cannot help to soften the loss you are all experiencing now. All of our lives were changed with the presence of Ken in them, and now they are changed forever without him. I owe a lot of where I am today to Ken and the BDT team. A fabulous motivator, forever the life and soul of a party or BDT Conference, may your legacy and enthusiasm live on. You will be missed, but never forgotten.Sandy Hitchcock

I am totally devasted to hear of the sudden passing of Mr. Ken Lilley
at the time when cherry blossoms are scattered earlier than average year.

Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of Mr. Ken Lilley.

As he had been a great leader for BDT for such a long time, his passing must be
a big loss to you all and me.

He will be greatly missed by us all who had pleasure of knowing him.
May his soul rest in peace.
In deepest sympathy.Tomoki Nakano Quality Assurance Dept. Mitsubishi Electric Shizuoka works

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear last evening of the loss of Ken. Although I rarely saw Ken in recent times, whenever I did he always had the biggest smile on his face and was genuinely interested in what I was doing and how I was. Ken gave me wonderful opportunities, mentored me and taught me a lot. I will forever be grateful to him for that and I loved working for him and being part of the BDT family. My heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan . You were blessed to have him in your life- he was one of the good guys. Love to you all. Tony LennonTony Lennon

To the Lilley family and BDT team , my sincere condolences and thinking of you all at this sad time.
Ken was a innovative leader , highly respected and a true gentlemen with a passion for the appliance industry to which he made an outstanding contribution.
I will miss you mate.
Brett O'Neill - BrevilleBrett O'Neill

My deepest condolences to the Lilley family and the BDT members.
Ken was at my very first presentation when I started working for Melshi and since then, he'd supported me so much that I cannot appreciate it enough.
R.I.P, Ken. You'll be missed.Yoko Mellows (Mochizuki) - Ex worker of Shizuoka Works

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan - everyone who knew Ken will be grieving with you today,. My thoughts are also with Ron and the staff at BDT: it will be hard to believe he is no longer upstairs in his office. People, like me, who worked with Ken years ago remember his genuine concern for his staff and his dedication to the company. Taken far too early.Sue Eathorne

My sincerest condolences to Ken's family and the team at BDT. I will always admire Ken for his intelligence, business nous, generosity to others, and sense of fun. It was a privilege to be in your presence.Jay Kesha - BDT (2007 - 2011)

My deepest condolences to the Lilley family and the BDT members.
Ken was at my very first presentation when I started working for Melshi and since then, he'd supported me so much that I cannot appreciate it enough.
R.I.P, Ken. You'll be missed.Yoko Mellows (Mochizuki) - Ex worker of Shizuoka Works

Dearest Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, we were deeply saddened by Jeremy's phone call last night. Words can not express how you must be feeling. We have so many amazing memories of our fantastic times spent together. Ken often spoke of his extended family, of which was truly felt, from playing soccer in Argentina, to diving with the sharks in St Africa, Sailing round the Whitsunday's and so many more memories. Our Prayers and Thoughts are with you. At any time you need help, we are only a phone call away. Our trips will never be quite the same without our energetic Ken. All our love.Caroline and Mark Stockler - MSR

To Ken's Family and Staff at BDT, please accept my deepest sympathies and condolences for all our loss.

Sincerest regards
Robert Linterman
General Manager Residential
EECARobert Linterman

Dear Maria, Vanessa, & Jordan,
Our hearts are heavy for you all, at the tragic news of Kens passing, and our love & thoughts go out to you all.
Ken has left us with so many happy memories, and while we too are struggling with his death we are focusing on the wonderful opportunities and great times we have shared.
A true privilage to have known him .
Martin & Maree Heathcote & girlsMartin & Maree Heathcote

On behalf of AHI Carrier (NZ) we wish to offer our condolences and deepest sympathy to the Lilley family. Ken was great personalty and he contributed significantly to the Heat Pump Suppliers' Association on important issues pertaining to our industry. In many of our meetings Ken made several positive suggestions. In fact it was his initiative to bring all major heat pump suppliers' on a single platform. I am still deeply shocked. Ken, we will remember you for a long time!!Vijay Dravid

Our thoughts are with you all.The Baigent Family

Maria, Vanessa and Jordan we are so, so sorry for your loss. Words cannot describe the shock and sadness we feel over Ken's passing. He was a great man and a true friend for the last twenty years. Its hard to comprehend a world without the 'larger than life' character that he was but anyone who knew Ken well, like our family, is better off because of having him in their lives. Jason and Aimee.Jason Bell

My thoughts and sympathy are with Maria and family. Tony and I have such fond memories from the old Melco days and Ken was a huge part of those memories. He offered incredible support to us when Tony's parents were unwell. He'll be a huge loss to everyone he knew.
Kind regards
Jo AllanJo Allan ( from Tony & Jo Allan )

The early 90's were a defining time at Melco for myself and many of the Consumer Electronics team - so much so that many of us remain in regular contact today....many years later and with multiple subsequent career paths. The culture, encouraged by Ron, and so much a part of Ken was very much "work hard; play hard". We did both, and learnt an enormous amount about each other; our personal & professional development flourished - and Ken's influence will live on in all who have been touched by him. Ken, you are in our thoughts & prayers, and sincere condolences to Maria, Vanessa & Jordan.

Damien & Jude Fahey & familyDamien Fahey

I am so shocked and still can't believe this news. I am speechless as his smiling face is still very clear in my mind. He always brought warmth and happiness every time we met. I had been looking forward to seeing him again in BKK in the next few months. He will always be in our thoughts.Niramon KYE Marketing

My wife Sue and I send our deepest sympathies to the Lilley family; our thoughts are with you all at this terrible and tragic time.Paul Taylor

We so enjoyed Ken and Maria's company at a dinner recently. They told us of their plans for celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary later this year. The sheer pleasure they still took in each other left its mark on us and when we left we said to each other that what they shared was something to aspire to. On the occasions we met Ken we were always impressed by his great generosity, not only on a material level but in terms of his interactions with others. He was a super snappy dresser too! We are not sure how the gap he leaves behind will ever be filled, but it is our hope that with time, at least the edges of such a chasm will soften.George and Megan Reed, 1M

Deepest sympathy and condolences to the lilley family and the team at BDT...Ken leadership will be missed within our industry.Robin Doyle

My sincere condolences. I studied with Ken on Masseys MBA programme and he was always larger than life and enjoyed his stories. Such a lossKate Calvert

What a man to have lost. The world will just never be the same without him. He will be so missed by so many people. My condolences and thoughts go out to the family xAmy Potter

I am deeply shocked. Ken advised me many things of job and life. I will miss you much, Ken.Chika Sugiyama

I'm so very saddened to hear of Kens tragic passing. Always a charismatic, energising and engaging man, my heart goes out to the Lilley family and all the staff at BDT and you are in my thoughts. Big love and hugs, Jeremy (Vidcom)Jeremy Cox

We are shocked and saddened by this devastating news. Our love and support goes out to your family at this incredibly difficult time. Ken will be remembered for his encouraging and loyal nature. He was always so supportive of my endeavours. His charismatic personality will be sadly missed.Mike & Felicity Lovell

Will be sadly missed condolences to familyGreg Casbolt (freeheat 2007 ltd)

Dear all of Mr.Ken's family,
I was also shocked to receive the saddest notice, however, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy on the passing of Mr.Ken.
It was good memory for me that he has often visited us (Thailand and Japan) with his customers and he carefully hosted for them with his joking and warmest hospitality.
Shizuo Nakatsukasa
Section Manager,
Room Air-Conditioner Overseas Market section
MELCO Shizuoka WorksShizuo Nakatsukasa (MELCO SHIZUOKA Works)

I am so shocked to hear about the loss of Ken-san. We had long been looking forward to seeing him again in Bangkok in coming June. He will be greatly missed by all MCP Marketing members. I extend our deepest sympathy to all BDT colleagues and his family.Jun Horibe

I can not believe this news. I really appreciate Ken-san support for our
business. I never forget Ken-san sprits of hospitality heart for
everyone and also teaching my English pronunciation .Shojiro Sega

I am very sad to hear the news about Ken, having worked for Ken for 5 years I knew what a great sense of humour he had and how passionate he was about the company and the people. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time, he will be sorely missed by all xxx RobynRobyn Samasoni - Bosch Home Appliances

Very sad to hear the news of Kens passing. The industry has lost one of its great characters.
We will all miss Ken.Darren Gittins and the 100%Newbolds Upper Hutt Team

The team at Chaineys Levin are sad about the passing of Ken and send our condolences to our friends at BDT and his family.Bryan Wilton

To all employees of Black Diamond Technologies regarding the loss of a friend and colleague, our sincerest condolences go to you all.

To Ken’s family we are greatly sorry to hear of your loss and our thoughts are with you.

Deb Jones | Branch Manager - Wellington | Roadstar Transport Ltd
Ph: 04 569 5015 | Fax: 04 569 5075 | Mobile 027 555 5490 Jones

I'm so very sorry to hear about Ken. He will be missed by everyone who knew him.Nigel Ham

All our thoughts and condolences are with the Lilley's and the BDT family during this very tragic time.. Ken was well respected by all and held a real presence whenever he entered a room.. He will be sadly missed but never forgottenRichard Manu

Great sadness that a fellow motorcyclist has gone.
We may have competed for markets and even argued in court but I always admired Ken's ability and insight. Occasionally I had enjoyed his company out of work where of course motorcycles were a topic.Kim Naylor

I have always loved the family feel to BDT and Ken was a huge part of that. I always saw him as a sort of Big Dad of the company and I loved hearing stories about him. I have always been grateful for the way in which Gregg and I were welcomed by Ken and BDT into Wellington and the support Gregg has received since we moved here from Christchurch. To say I’m saddened by this news is an understatement. My love and thoughts are with you all.Lisa Tonkin

Our deepest sympathies are with both Ken's family and the team at BDT. Our thoughts and prays are with you all at this sad time.Centigrade Ltd

What a great shock to recieve the news about Ken, to Maria, Vanessa & Jordan my heart and thoughts go out to you. Ken was a great friend and colleague to my family and will be greatly missed. To Ron & the Team my thoughts are also with you. Haere atu ra rangatira, haere, haere, haere atu ra. Frank & Bridie StevensFrank & Bridie Stevens

So incredibly sad to hear this news.

Ken was one of the good guys, such a lovely man and so good to deal with professionally, and personally.

He was always kind, friendly and generous and someone that would always take the time to stop and say hello. When he asked you how you were, he was genuinely interested in the reply.

My heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, and the rest of the family. There are no words to take away your pain but in time, you will cherish many many happy memories.

My thoughts are also with Kens BDT family who have lost a fantastic boss, colleague and friend.

RIP Ken, you will be missed by many xxNatalie Cull

The Management and Staff of Fin Sheetmetals offer their deepest sympathies at the tragic loss of Ken. Our thoughts are with youTerry Grieve - Fin Sheet Metals Ltd

To the Lilley Family and the entire BDT Team

We are very saddened to hear of Kens recent passing and there are no words to express how sorry we are for your sudden and trajic loss. Ken was an iconic figure in the industry whom amassed huge respect here at Harvey Norman . Also a great guy that we will miss very much .

Our hearts and prayers are with the Lilley family during this difficult time and if there is anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask .

Yours sincerely

Graeme Watt and The Global Harvey Norman Family including Nik Papa & David AckeryHarvey Norman NZ Ltd

We are very shocked and saddened to hear of Kens death. Words fail us at this time but our heartfelt wishes are with the team at BDT and the Lilley family.Anna Guy and the Team at Signature Promotions

To Ron, Maria and the many families and friends of BDT, my thoughts are with you all. I have been fortunate to have known Ken for about 15 years through the close association between The National Bank & more recently ANZ and BDT. I will remember Ken for his charisma, friendliness, professionalism and sense of fairness. I will miss Ken's big smile and "can do" outlook.Grant Rae

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.Jax Mitchell - ANZ

Ken will be a huge loss not only to everyone that ever meet him but to our industry as a whole. His charistmatic style towrds life and business was one of a kind. He was a positvie influence to me and I am sure others as well who held Ken in high regard and respected him equally.
My thoughts at this very hard time are with the family and those closet to Ken.
Rest in peace Ken you will be missed,
Dave ColbertDavid Colbert

We are very shocked and upset to learn of the loss of Ken. We would like to express our most sincere sympathy to Ken's family and all of the staff at BDT. Ken was indeed a charismatic man who will be very sadly missed. We know this will be such a difficult time for you all. You are all in our thoughts with our deepest sympathy.Tony & Shelley Lithgow, Lithgow Appliance Services Ltd

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan
Words can't begin to describe the pain and sadness you must be feeling at the loss of your beloved husband, father, mentor, character, friend and life partner.
The loss is shared by the whole BDT family and hopefully we can carry the weight of some of your loss for you.
I will personally miss Ken who to me was a personality larger than life, driven, generous to a fault, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, a true friend and an intrinsic part of this family that cannot and will not be replaced.
The times we spent at Kaiteriteri with the boat fishing and the jet ski, nothing was ever a problem, opening your home to us was special to me.
Travelling overseas, conferences and many functions he was always centre of the party.
When I was very ill last year the personal support I received from Ken will never be forgotten.
If there is ever anything I or my family can do to help in any way ever please let me know?
I am so very very sorry for your loss.
A tall tree has fallen long before it's time.
Love Pete and Liz HutsonPete & Liz Hutson

Ken was larger than life with an infectious smile.The dealer trips away werent complete without a laugh and a joke and of course the odd refreshment.I will miss his friendly outgoing personality that always made me feel welcome when I was with the BDT family.Keep an eye on us will you.Graham Smith

I am so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of Ken. He was so well respected in our industry and will be deeply missed.
Our thoughts are with the entire Lilley family at this sad time.

From Grant and the team at Narta New ZealandGrant Morse

We are shocked and so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family.Robbie Venrooy and the Aotea Team

We were both so shocked and saddened to receive the phone call last night informing us of this tragic news. Ken, you're an amazing bloke whose absence will be felt by the many people who were fortunate enough to have met you and consider you not only a son, husband, father, work collegue, but above all, a friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all. Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, our deepest condolences go to you, we can't imagine how you are all feeling, but please know that you're all in everyones thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace Ken.John and Karan Stalker

I have had the pleasure of talking with Ken at events over the last 5 years.
Be it a BDT product lurch or a CMS event. Ken always made time for everyone.
Just want to wish you all the best my thoughts are with you in this time of need.James Cosbrook (HomeTech Ltd)

To dearest Maria, Vanessa and Jordan, our thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Ken was a great man, he always treated us like part of the family. Words can not describe what you will be going through but our thoughts are with you all. Love Jim and Michelle WatsonMichelle and Jim Watson

Maria, Vanessa & Jordan, we are so deeply shocked and saddened by this news, we are thinking of you all and send you our love. Ken is a wonderful friend and we have so much to thank him for.
Love Craig and Michelle and all the staff at HotChillyCraig & Michelle Gadsby

We are shocked and saddened to hear of Kens tragic accident. Our thoughts are with the entire team at BDT and Kens family at this immensly difficult time. From Matt, Graham and the staff at NCEC.Matthew Withers

Dear The Lilley Family,
My heart goes out to you at this difficult, tragic time. Ken was the life and soul of BDT, in the day to day runnings of the office, to the work parties, this place will never quite be the same again. I was sitting on reception this morning waiting for him to come in with his coffee, booming a loud good morning team, thinking he really can't be gone.

Ken was taken from the world far to soon, he was meant to grow old and see his children and grandchildren grow up. He will leave a hole in the BDT family and around the office that can never be filled again.

My Thoughts are with the Lilley Family at this Time.Sam Bowen- BDT Staff

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Ken. My thoughts and prayers are with you.Mark Rankin

Thank you Ken! I wouldn't be here without your help and support. Your bright and noisy life had been cut short but I will remember you for ever. My heart goes out to Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and the big BDT family.
Summer (former employee of BDT and Haier)Summer Gu

We are all also shocked by this terrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken's family and the BDT team. Our industry has lost a real gentleman and all-round good bloke. We will also all miss Ken very much.Grant Sheridan, The Appnet Team and Appnet Members

A Tragic loss of an inspirational leader, mentor, loving husband and father.
A larger than life guy who was well respected by all who new him and will be sadly missed.
It's hard to believe he's gone.Paul & Hilary Varcoe, Tim & Kirsty Fawdray (Varcoe Refrig)

We are still reeling from the news and cannot believe this has happened.Ken was an unique Man who loved his family dearly and grasped every aspect of life with both hands.As a Boss he was admired and respected by all and it will be impossible to find someone to fill his shoes.

God Bless
Gina and DaveGina and David Ashkettle

to the family and friends of Ken may we express our deepest heart felt condolences to you all from the service team at Cooke Industries.
with your loss may I offer a poem for your thoughts.
the parable of imortality by Henry Van Dyke

I am standing by the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch
until at last she hangs like a speck of white cloud
just where the sun and sky come down to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says, 'There she goes!
Gone where? Gone from my sight - that is all.

She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the places of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says,
'There she goes! ' ,
there are other eyes watching her coming,
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout :
'Here she comes!'Wati Hickey

Ken inspired us and will be missed.
Blessings to all.Rodger and Debbie Wyatt

This is so wrong - I want to wake up from this and realise its just a bad dream - blokes like you are too rare - I have never respected anyone in business like I have you - you and Maria are the ones we stay loyal to, not the product. I'm too upset to say more but tell Maria and the kids that Lee and I are thinking of you - please just come back.Glenn Clark

What an amazing man. It is hard to even think ahead what life will be like without him. Shayne and I have some wonderful memories and our hearts and thoughts are with Maria, Vanessa and Jordan.Kate Murphy

My condolenses Maria, Vanessa & Jordan on Kens passing
I was a real shock to learn of this tragedy
I only meet Ken a few years ago but always found him easy to talk to & a real nice bloke
Sincere regards Chris Hartnellchris hartnell

Dear Maria, Vanessa and Jordan I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Ken was more than a boss to me, he was my friend. He was caring, thoughtful, passionate, competitive and the life of the party – and boy did we have some good ones. He has given me lots of advice and guidance through my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Ken. Thank you Ken for everything you have done for me and my family, I will truly miss you – you are in so many of my memories. All my love Danny, Tash and Zane Trotter xxxxDanny Trotter