Condensate Drain Pumps Reseller

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All BlueDiamond® condensate removal products are designed, developed, tooled and manufactured in house, meeting our strict approach to quality, stemming from our UK heritage and wide skill base.

Our team of research and design engineers are dedicated to designing a range of pumps and accessories that not only benefit the end user but also the installer. Offering a new approach to efficiently, quietly and reliably removing large quantities of condensate, our R&D department has an eye for detail, meaning all products purchased are of the very highest standard.

From design to packaging ready for distribution, our team takes pride in every single product despatched from our warehouse facilities. BlueDiamond® consistently invests in both training and development of its team along with new machinery to keep up with ever changing technology.

Each BlueDiamond® product is vigorously tested at the end of the production line, allowing us to ensure our customers are receiving the best product possibly to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

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