BDT Head Office BMS

BDT’s Head Office in Wellington provided an ideal case study site to implement a functional Building Management System and demonstrate integration capabilities with numerous product groups.

The Challenge

Located at BDT’s Head Office is a showroom displaying multiple product ranges for customers to visit and learn more about the variety of products we offer. BDT wanted to showcase the high level integration features of the Black Diamond Controls DC-600E for the City Multi Product Range in the Wellington showroom.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

A BMS was used to demonstrate the Black Diamond Controls. From it you can see the detailed service information available and demonstrate cus¬tomisable functionality such as Zone After-Hours Control from a single City Multi Room Controller or from an Integrated Occupancy Sensor.

The BMS goes further in that it also monitors the installed 30.68 kWp Solar PV System and building energy consumption to provide historical monitoring as well as real-time performance information. The system is capa¬ble of providing real-time running cost information and Solar PV financial value contribution, as well as imported, exported and site generation values. This informa¬tion is presented on a number of customisable dashboard displays.

Single unit integration is demon¬strated utilising the MelcoBEMS MINI Interface Adaptor connect¬ed to a single indoor cassette unit. The MelcoBEMS Interface provides a low cost integration option for single or multiple units to be incorporated into a Building Management System. It allows control and monitoring of units via either a BACnet or Modbus Interface and offers a potential solution for server room integra¬tion or similar applications where a central controller may not be present.

Weather forecast information is incorporated in the BMS and fu¬ture expansion will include the addition of a site-based weather station to demonstrate weather optimised control and PV perfor-mance monitoring.

Product List

1 x Mitsubishi Electric DC-600E Tridium Niagara JACE (693503)*

1 x Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station (693505) with Modbus TCP interface (693506)

1 x DC Pro Tridium Niagara 4 Supervisor PC

1 x MelcoBEMS Mini (693501)

*Discontinued with current equivalent being DC-8000 JACE (693562)