Operation and Info Manuals

Below is a selection of our current manuals, please note the size of the files before downloading and that they are best viewed with: Acrobat 5 or later.

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Inverter Single-Split: Ceiling Cassette


Operation - SLZ-KA25 to 50VA(L) (718Kb)
18 page manual, includes: SLZ-KA25VA, SLZ-KA35VA, SLZ-KA50VA, SLZ-KA25VAL, SLZ-KA35VAL, SLZ-KA50VAL indoor units.


Operation - PLA-RP60 to 140BA (1,615Kb)
BH79D251H01: 21 page manual, includes: PLA-RP60BA, PLA-RP71BA, PLA-RP100BA, PLA-RP125BA, PLA-RP140BA indoor units.

Previous Models:

Operation - PLA-RP60 to 140AA (1,358Kb)
BG79U612H02: 22 page manual, includes: PLA-RP60AA, PLA-RP71AA, PLA-RP100AA, PLA-RP125AA, PLA-RP140AA indoor units.

Operation - PLA-RP3 to 6AA and PUHZ-RP3 to 6VHA (666Kb)
BG79U016H03: 10 page manual, includes: PLA-RP3AA, PLA-RP4AA, PLA-RP5AA, PLA-RP6AA indoor units. PUHZ-RP3VHA, PUHZ-RP4VHA, PUHZ-RP5VHA, PUHZ-RP6VHA outdoor units.
Earlier Versions: BG79U016H02 - Indoor only (663Kb)